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Need a vacation?

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Ready for a vacation? I’m friends with Hannah Alexander, who also has a launch book coming out with Summerside this month, September 2011. We are joining together to offer a contest we think many of you will be interested in. Of course, you will have your choice between a free book from us, or a free four-night condo stay (Monday through Thursday night, travel expenses not included) in one of several locations in the Midwest and Southeast. There will be five winners. These condos are complete with kitchens, so you can cook in or eat out. All we need from you is this: read The Wedding Kiss and From This Day Forward. For The Wedding Kiss, tell us the town near where Keara McBride’s mother was buried. For From This Day Forward, tell us the name of Nathan’s...

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A Celebration–Come Join Me

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I am celebrating having my first inspirational historical romance out this month called From This Day Forward, Summerside Press. I’m doing a blog tour this next week. Stop by and join in the celebrating and check out the drawings. 9-1: 9-2: 9-5: 9-6: 9-7: 9-8: 9-9: 9-10: 9-12:  

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From This Day Forward by Margaret Daley

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From This Day Forward is coming out in September from Summerside Press as part of their launch for their new line American Tapestry.It is a historical romance with some suspense in it.  I am collecting a list of names and addresses for influencers who can read the book and review it on their blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Books, Goodreads and/or any other place they can think of. The short synopsis is below. If you are interested please let me know at The first chapter is up on my web site if you need to read that first to see. Thanks, Margaret Daley From This Day Forward: Rachel Gordon is stranded in South Carolina, pregnant, a recent widow when her husband fell overboard on the voyage to America. Nathan Stuart, a physician...

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From This Day Forward-Excerpt

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From This Day Forward By Margaret Daley Chapter One March 1816 “We are going to die,” Rachel Gordon’s young maid cried out. Rachel looked up at the clouds rolling in. Dark, ominous ones. She shivered and pulled her shawl tighter about her as the breeze picked up. A storm brewed, and she still had several miles to go until she reached her new home in South Carolina. “God willing, we will make it, Maddy.” Fear deepened the lines on Maddy’s plain face. “’Tis like the squall on the boat.” Lightning flashed, momentarily brightening the shadows of the forest. A clap of thunder rumbled the ground. Maddy screamed. The old gelding that pulled the cart—all Rachel’s meager coins could afford—increased its speed, weaving from side to side. Out of control. Determined to be...

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