From This Day Forward by Margaret Daley

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From This Day ForwardFrom This Day Forward is coming out in September from Summerside Press as part of their launch for their new line American Tapestry.It is a historical romance with some suspense in it.  I am collecting a list of names and addresses for influencers who can read the book and review it on their blog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Books, Goodreads and/or any other place they can think of. The short synopsis is below. If you are interested please let me know at The first chapter is up on my web site if you need to read that first to see.

Margaret Daley

From This Day Forward:

Rachel Gordon is stranded in South Carolina, pregnant, a recent widow when her husband fell overboard on the voyage to America. Nathan Stuart, a physician who came home from serving in the American army during the War of 1812, disenchanted with his life and the Lord, rescues Rachel and saves her life. Feeling responsible for her, Nathan tries to discourage her from living at a rundown farm her husband bought to start a new future in America. He wants her to return to England.

Rachel refuses to go back to England where her father disowned her for marrying against his wishes. The farm is all she has, and she is determined to make it on her own. But Nathan has other ideas and becomes her farmhand to discourage her from staying in America. Instead he ends up protecting her and being challenged by her. Can two wounded people heal each other?


  1. MARGARET!!! WOW … LOVE the cover, my friend!!! It will be a real draw, as will the story be!!

    I feel so privileged to have read it for endorsement, and I LOVED it and cannot wait to see how well it is received.


  2. Thanks, Julie. That means so much coming from such a talented writer as yourself.

  3. I enjoyed your LI Suspense “Detection Mission” in the Texas K-9 Unit series. Thanks for the story.

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