Into the Danger

Daring Escapes Book 4


Family Feud. Attraction. Murder.

Maggie Somers returns from her grandfather’s funeral to find his house trashed. Zach Collier, the grandson of her family’s nemesis, stands in the middle of the mess looking as guilty—and handsome—as sin. For decades the two families have feuded over the priceless diary of Father Santiago. Zach’s grandfather has also recently died, and he believes the deaths are somehow connected. The diary’s discovery along with a possible treasure map is what destroyed the family friendship.

Danger is everywhere when Zach and Maggie realize they’re not the only ones looking for the treasure. If they are ever going to find answers to their grandfathers’ deaths and unravel the ancient diary’s secrets, they must put aside their anger. It doesn’t take long to realize the killer is now after them. Will Maggie and Zach learn to trust each other before the treasure and their lives are lost?