Book Trailers

Check out these Book Trailers for several of my books.


Second Chance Family

Love Inspired Romance. Can an autistic child bring 2 hurt people together?


Poisoned Secrets

Maggie Ridgeway has lived a life filled with terrifying questions. Who is she really? Is she worthy of being loved? Maggie stands outside her life, looking in. Refusing to just exist, she is determined to shatter the chilling questions that haunt her. To do that, Maggie must open the door to Apartment 2A.
Behind that door lies murder, …blackmail and ….. poisoned secrets that change not only Maggie, but the sleepy college town of Seven Oaks forever.


Buried Secrets


What the Heart Knows

This sweet romance holds tough topics when two widows try to help each other’s children and find themselves falling in love. But just as things feel right they go very very wrong and tragedy threatens to tear them apart.
Only God can help them understand…What the Heart Knows.