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Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations: Over 100 five star reviews

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Read what readers are saying about the Strong Women Series: “Margaret Daley writes stories you can’t put down. She is an outstanding author, when you see her name you know it will be a good read.” “Great emotional connections between these characters.” “Margaret Daly did a superb job as she always does! Definitely recommend this series!” “Another exciting suspense story by Margaret Daley. Was not able to figure how this would end.” Save 30% by buying the box set: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and Google Play. Deadly Hunt: All bodyguard Tess Miller wants is a vacation. But when a wounded stranger stumbles into her isolated cabin in the Arizona mountains, Tess becomes his lifeline. And in the days to come Shane Burkhart will need a guardian angel while...

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Excerpt from Deadly Holiday

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Tory Caldwell released a long breath. Ah, a weekend to do nothing but relax and rest. The best gift I could have right now after the past four months. If only that were possible… After dropping her ten-year-old son Morgan off to spend the weekend with his best friend, Tory headed down the mountain toward Crystal Creek, a little town nestled at the bottom of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies. Although mid-December, the next few days were supposed to be above freezing with no chance of snow, so Morgan had pleaded with her to let him stay with Josh, who lived at nine thousand feet. As she navigated the curvy two-lane road, she mentally ticked off her long list of chores and Christmas shopping to be completed before she returned to school on Monday. Four-thirty...

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Excerpt from The Yuletide Rescue

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In the bush plane high above the Alaskan landscape northwest of Anchorage, Dr. Aubrey Mathison swept her gaze over the barren snow-covered terrain below, the endless white broken by evergreens and leafless trees. Even through the headset she wore, she heard the loud droning noise of the engine saturate the cockpit. She glanced toward the east as the sky grew light. Streaks of purple, rose and orange fanned outward as the sun rose at ten-thirty in the morning. The sight awed her. God’s beauty stretched for miles before her. “I think these trips to the villages are one of my favorite parts of my job,” Bree said to the pilot sitting next to her in the singleengine aircraft. She’d spent a month in Daring, Alaska, on the Bering Sea. Now it was...

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Excerpt from To Save Her Child

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Ella Jackson looked longingly at the black leather couch against the far wall in her office. If only she could close her eyes for an hour—even half an hour—she would be ready to tackle the rest of the data entry for the upcoming Northern Frontier Search and Rescue training weekend. She trudged to her desk, staring at the stack of papers she needed to work her way through before picking up her eight-year-old son from day camp, then heading home. She should have been finished by now, but in the middle of the night a search and rescue call had gone out for an elderly gentleman. She had manned the command center for his search, which had ended with the man being found, but her exhaustion from lack of sleep was finally catching up with her. When she saw her son,...

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Excerpt from Her Hometown Hero by Margaret Daley

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Coming home should be filled with joy, but Kathleen Somers felt nothing. Numb, she was beyond caring where she lived so long as she could be by herself. She stared unseeing out the window of her older brother’s Ford F-150 as Howard turned into the family ranch outside of Cimarron City, Oklahoma. Green pastures were scattered with cattle grazing peacefully, their world not rocked like hers. To my very foundation, whispered through her thoughts. In New York she’d been following her dream to become a principal ballerina in a major ballet company. She’d been close—a step away until she was hit by a car crossing the street on her way to the dress rehearsal for her big chance. As she remembered, her heartbeat slowed to a painful throb. The motion of...

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Excerpt from Deadly Intent by Margaret Daley

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Texas Ranger Sarah Osborn approached the man at the paddock. He faced away from her, his arms resting on the top slat of the fence. His tall, lean build radiated tension as he fisted his hands. She could see his biceps flexing beneath the T-shirt. There’d been a time she knew Ian O’Leary well. But not anymore. Maybe never. “Ian,” she called out. “I’m here about your stolen stallion.” He stiffened, pushed away from the wooden railing, and swung around. The tan cowboy hat shadowed his expression, but there was no mistaking his anger—the hard line of his jaw gave that away. “I heard you were assigned to this area, but I’d expected the sheriff. What’s a Ranger doing investigating a stolen horse?” “I’m heading a multi-county investigation into the recent cattle...

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