Books in Series by Margaret Daley

Daring Escapes (Romantic Suspense series): Into the Darkness

Everyday Heroes (Romantic Suspense series): Hunted, Obsessed, and Trapped

Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations (Romantic Suspense series): Deadly Hunt, Deadly Intent, Deadly Holiday, Deadly Countdown, Deadly Noel, Deadly Dose, Deadly Legacy, Deadly Fires, Deadly Secrets, and Deadly Night, Silent Night.

Alaskan Search and Rescue (Love Inspired Suspense series): The Yuletide Rescue, To Save Her Child, The Protector’s Mission, and Standoff at Christmas.

The Protectors (Romantic Suspense series): Dangerous Pursuit, Dangerous Interlude, and Dangerous Paradise.

Second Chances (Inspirational Romance series): Love Gone to the Dogs, Love Triumphs, Captive Hearts, In Defense of Love, and Yours, Mine and Ours.

The Men of the Texas Rangers (Romantic Suspense series from Abingdon Press): Saving HopeShattered Silence, Scorned Justice and Severed Trust.

Lone Star Justice (Love Inspired Suspense series): Texas Baby Pursuit, Texas Ranger Showdown, Lone Star Christmas Rescue, and High-Risk Reunion.

Ladies of Sweetwater Lake (Love Inspired series): Gold in the Fire, A Mother for Cindy, Light in the Storm, When Dreams Come True, and Tidings of Joy.

Fostered by Love (Love Inspired series): Once Upon a Family, Heart of the Family, Family Ever After, Second Chance Family and Together for the Holidays.

Helping Hands Homeschooling (Love Inspired series): Love Lessons, Heart of a Cowboy, and A Daughter for Christmas.

A Town Called Hope (Love Inspired series): His Holiday Family, A Love Rekindled, and A Mom’s New Start.

Heart of the Amazon (Love Inspired Suspense series): Heart of the Amazon, Buried Secrets, and Forsaken Canyon.

Guardians, Inc. (Love Inspired Suspense series): Christmas Bodyguard, Protecting Her Own, Hidden in the Everglades, Christmas Stalking, Guarding the Witness and Bodyguard Reunion.

Caring Canines (Love Inspired series): Healing Hearts, Her Holiday Hero, Her Hometown Hero and The Nanny’s New Family.