Heroine Interview of High Treason by DiAnn Mills

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Interview with the hero/heroine: CIA Operative Monica Alden High Treason Tell me the most interesting thing about you. My name is Monica Alden. I’m a CIA Operative. Currently working undercover at a coffee shop in downtown Houston. Interest about me? I’ve worked successful missions in the Middle East. What do you do for fun? The quote on this meme came from High Treason. What do you put off doing because you dread it? Cleaning my apartment. I’ve tried lots of caffeine and music (90s) but I still dread it. What are you afraid of most in life? Trusting someone who could betray and deceive me again. Kord wants me to trust him, and he’s inched his way into my heart, but I’m afraid. What do you want out of life? A relationship in which I don’t have to keep secret what...

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New Release High Treason by DiAnn Mills

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Blurb for High Treason, a new release, by DiAnn Mills: When Saudi Prince Omar bin Talal visits Houston to seek cancer treatment for his mother, an attempt on his life puts all agencies on high alert. FBI Special Agent Kord Davidson is the lead on the prince’s protective detail because of their long-standing friendship, but he’s surprised—and none too happy—when the CIA brings one of their operatives, Monica Alden, in on the task force after the assassination attempt. Kord and Monica must quickly put aside interagency squabbles, however, when they learn the prince has additional motives for his visit—plans to promote stronger ties with the US and encourage economic growth and westernization in his own country. Plans that could easily incite a number of suspects...

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January 2018 New Christian Releases

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January 2018 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Contemporary Romance: Her Handyman Hero by Lorraine Beatty — Reid Blackthorn arrives in Dover on a personal mission—to make sure his terminally ill brother gets a chance to meet his daughter. Deceiving little Lily’s guardian isn’t his intention. Yet once Tori Montgomery mistakes Reid for her new handyman, he knows it’s the only way to be close to his niece. Tori is honoring her friend’s last wish by keeping Lily away from her father’s family. And once she learns who Reid truly is, she realizes there’s too much at stake—including custody of Lily—for her to fall for the former DEA agent. But in keeping a promise, is she losing out on her chance...

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Christian Fiction December 2017 New Releases

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December 2017 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Contemporary: Rebecca’s Redemption by Lee Carver — A nurse seeking redemption for past sins joins a doctor contending against the jungle. Both healers need healing. (Contemporary, Independently Published) Contemporary Romance: The Christmas Baby by Lisa Carter — Mistletoe Mommy Anna Reyes is pregnant and widowed, and a Christmas homecoming isn’t so simple. Reuniting with her best friend, Ryan Savage, makes it easier—even though she knows he’ll soon be leaving their small coastal hometown. After putting his career on hold for his family’s business, Ryan’s finally ready to pursue his goals. But as he and Anna work to make the...

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The Austrian Asset by Ethan Jones–99¢ through November 19th

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Blurb for The Austrian Asset by Ethan Jones: The Austrian Asset is an explosive Justin Hall spy thriller from #1 Amazon bestselling author Ethan Jones. What if your asset was working with terrorists? When an asset working for the Europe Clandestine Service disappears in Vienna, he takes a cache of secrets with him. ECS agents Justin Hall and Carrie O’Connor need to find the asset, to learn the truth about his connection to an ISIS-affiliated network. Forced to work with the secretive Russian intelligence service, Justin and Carrie must search for their asset across Europe, while trying to unravel a web of half-truths and ominous connections. As they uncover a pivotal piece of intelligence, will it be too late to stop a terror plot that will plunge the continent...

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November Christian Fiction New Releases

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November 2017 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Romantic Suspense: An Unexpected Legacy by Amy R. Anguish — When Chad Manning introduces himself to Jessica Garcia at her favorite smoothie shop, it’s like he stepped out of one of her romance novels. But as she tentatively walks into a relationship with this man of her dreams, secrets from their past threaten to shatter their already fragile bond. Chad and Jessica must struggle to figure out if their relationship has a chance or if there is nothing between them but a love of smoothies. (Romantic Suspense from Tulpen Publishing) Lone Star Christmas Rescue by Margaret Daley —A baby’s frantic cries lead Texas Ranger Drake...

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