New Release and What’s Special About January 27th

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What’s special about January 27th? By Margaret Daley

What is special about January 27th? It is National Bible Day, Better Business Communication Day, Community Manager Appreciation Day, International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, National Chocolate Cake Day, National Geographic Day (founded in 1888), Thomas Edison files a patent for the Light Bulb in 1880, Paris Peace Accord officially ends the Vietnam War in 1973, First TV Show Broadcast is demonstrated in 1926, Elvis Presley has first number one hit, Heartbreak Hotel, in 1956, and Lewis Caroll was born on this day in 1926. I’d add to this list: my younger brother Paul was born on this date in 1954.

One day I want to talk about. It’s Punch the Clock Day. What do they mean about that? Literally go punch a clock, or does it mean clock in for work? Some of the days are important, others frivolous, informational, or fun.

If you love chocolate, what a nice day to have a chocolate cake on its day, January 27th. My mother-in-law who LOVES chocolate would jump at the chance to have a whole chocolate cake. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you or I traveled back in time and produced an example of a light bulb? Something simple to us and taken for granted, but it probably made Thomas Edison a lot of money (and all his other inventions).

When I looked at the list for January 27th, I was surprised to find that the first TV show was demonstrated in 1926. I wonder how they did it. It makes me want to dig down and find out how they did it.

Would you add anything special to you for a January 27th Day?

My new release:

Her Cowboy Hero

By Margaret Daley

Kathleen Somers is a prima ballerina at the top of her ballet career. When she is tragically hurt in a car accident, she has to walk away from her life’s dream. Kathleen comes home to the Soaring S Ranch to recuperate and runs into her high school sweetheart, the one person who understood her. But she made the choice to throw everything into her ballet career and walked away from Nate Sterling.

Years later, they meet again at the Soaring S Ranch. Nate is now a livestock veterinarian and works with big animals at the ranches in the area. As the vet that treats the ranch’s stock, he and Kathleen are thrown together while she is struggling to put her life back together. He is determined to show Kathleen there is more to life than the world of dance. With the help of a therapy dog, Kathleen begins to see that there could be a life beyond ballet thanks to Nate challenging her. As Kathleen and Nate grow closer and capture what they had as high school sweethearts, will she turn her back on Nate again when an opportunity comes her way to immerse her in the ballet world again?