Editor Appointment

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These appointments are a lot like giving a short, and I mean short, speech. You are trying to sell your baby, that book you have so lovingly developed and nurtured, to an editor. If you’re lucky, you have meet her before, but most often she is a stranger who has a lot of power over you and your book. A scary thought. An editor appointment is essentially a person-to-person query letter. You want to tell the editor a little something about yourself–not your life’s story–but about your writing experience and any credentials you might have. You don’t want this to be too long because these appointments are only about ten minutes. When you discuss your book, try to think of a hook as you would in a query letter. Grab the editor’s attention with a few short...

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Synopsis Writing

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I have found when writing a synopsis it can be difficult to remain focused on the romance between the hero and heroine. I can get so caught up in trying to get from point A to point B in my plot that I miss what is most important in a romance, the relationship between the main characters. I have finally come up with a method to help me keep my synopsis focused on the romance instead of the details of the plot. I start with a character sketch of the hero and heroine, giving any background information pertaining to the story as well as character traits and flaws. Then I concentrate on the conflict between them both internally and externally and how it progresses through the story. After that I write out the resolution of the conflict, showing the black moment and...

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A Day in the Life Of Margaret Daley

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Saturday 6:30 am I pull myself out of bed, wishing I could manage to sleep later but after tossing and turning for thirty minutes decide to get up after all. Why is it that one of the few days I get to sleep late I can’t? I drag myself to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of coffee. After getting my coffee, I read the newspaper. I do the crossword puzzle to get my brain going and I read the funnies to help start my day in the right mood. After wrestling with my cat who demands my time by sitting in my lap between me and the newspaper, I finally finish reading it and sit down at the computer to begin work. 7:30 am Instead of working, I play a game of bridge then solitaire, telling myself I will get to work after the next game. Ten games later I finally force myself...

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Sample Synopsis for A Family for Tory

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Slade Donaldson is guilt ridden over the death of his wife and the tragedy that has befallen his daughter. Tory Alexander is running away from her past and a secret that refuses to lay to rest. Both will do anything for a little girl who must relearn life’s skills. Victoria (Tory) Alexander runs a therapeutic riding program at her Bright Star Stables. She is devoted to helping people with special, physical, mental and emotional needs, especially children. Through her program she offers an unique brand of therapy with her horses, coordinating with other health specialists to give the person what he needs. She is used to working long hours, determined to make her program a success. Money, however, is always an issue for her, one she tries to deal with one day at a...

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Introduction to Making Your Characters Three Dimensional

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I read an article not long ago where Linda Howard discussed what she had learned the most from writing in the romance genre. Her answer was characterization. Simply stated, if a reader doesn’t care about your characters no matter how great your plot may be you will lose that reader. I used to think plotting was the most important ingredient in a story. My thinking has changed over the years. It is characterization. With that in mind this week we will be talking about how to make your character three dimensional, a fleshed out person whom your readers will care about. Not a perfect person because that would be boring but a hero with strengths and weaknesses you can use to develop that intriguing plot. Your conflict which is a large part of your plot will come from...

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Writing Inspirational Romance

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One of the intricate aspects of an inspirational romance that other romances don’t possess is the faith element. Without it we don’t have an inspirational. For an inspirational it is the third element of importance to me. So how do you integrate it into your story? Make it seem effortless? Not preachy? The best way to interweave the faith element into the plot of your story is for it to be a natural part of a character’s life. To show a hero or heroine demonstrating his or her faith as they proceed through their day to day activities will strengthen your story. Show your character praying, talking with God, turning to Him in time of need. A hero or heroine living as Jesus wanted us to live is the best testament to His glory and says so much without beating your...

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