A Day in the Life Of Margaret Daley

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Saturday 6:30 am

I pull myself out of bed, wishing I could manage to sleep later but after tossing and turning for thirty minutes decide to get up after all. Why is it that one of the few days I get to sleep late I can’t? I drag myself to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of coffee. After getting my coffee, I read the newspaper. I do the crossword puzzle to get my brain going and I read the funnies to help start my day in the right mood. After wrestling with my cat who demands my time by sitting in my lap between me and the newspaper, I finally finish reading it and sit down at the computer to begin work.

7:30 am
Instead of working, I play a game of bridge then solitaire, telling myself I will get to work after the next game. Ten games later I finally force myself to write.

8:30 am
I put the cat down off my desk after he has knocked off my vase.

8:31 am
I put the cat down again. He is the most stubborn animal I have ever known.

8:32 am
He jumps back up onto my desk. He has found the chocolate rose in my vase of roses and is determined to have it. I finally put him outside my office and shut the door.

8:45 am
I am attempting to create while my cat is batting at the door and sticking his paws under it to try and get in.

9:00 am
Finally I give up and let the cat back in. He immediately goes for the chocolate rose. This time I am determine to outwit him. I put the vase with the roses in my closet.

9:05 am
I am back at work, writing on the book I have under contract. My cat has finally decided to fall asleep in the red rocking chair (his favorite place to sleep) and peace reigns in my house for a short time.

9:30 am
I take a break and grab something to eat. I seize my chance since the cat is still asleep. If I don’t eat now, I will have to fight him off while I’m trying to later. I eat my breakfast/lunch at the computer and continue to work.

10:30 am
My brain is drained. I take a break and do some housework–as little as possible since I hate housework but someone has to do it and I’m usually the one.

1:00 pm
I continue writing. I’m feeling pretty good today. I’ve written more pages than usual. Sometimes it flows. Other times it comes out one laborious word at a time.

3:00 pm
I’m ready to call it quits. I take this time to go onto the internet and answer my e-mails.

4:00 pm
I am through for the day. I have a good book I want to read. I curl up on my sofa in my office to enjoy it. My cat plops down in my lap, wanting to be petted. My husband wanders into the room and checks out the front window. I stop what I’m doing and talk with him and pet my cat.

4:15 pm
I finally open the book to page one and become lost in the story.

6:30 pm
Thankfully my husband cook dinner since I am still engrossed in the book. I take time out to eat.

11:00 pm
I finally pull myself away from the book to go to sleep since the words on the page have become a blur.