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Excerpt from Dangerous Pursuit, The Protectors Series, by Margaret Daley

»Posted on Aug 2, 2013 in Book Excerpts | 1 comment

Chapter One from Dangerous Pursuit by Margaret Daley As Samantha Prince leaned forward to straighten the books on a lower shelf, her long braid fell across her shoulder. Impatiently she flipped it back, considering again whether she should cut it short. Some people called her hair-color auburn; she called it red. Fiery-haired auburns were the heroines in the romance books she read. The color did not describe her. “Samantha, what do you think of this book? I’m going out of town again and need something to keep me warm at night,” a stylish businesswoman in her forties said. “A very good mystery, Mrs. Carson, but I wasn’t impressed with the main character. Not enough backbone to get out of all the scrapes he and the heroine got into.” “It sounds like more adventure...

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