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From This Day Forward-Excerpt

»Posted on Jul 6, 2011 in Book Excerpts | Comments Off on From This Day Forward-Excerpt

From This Day Forward By Margaret Daley Chapter One March 1816 “We are going to die,” Rachel Gordon’s young maid cried out. Rachel looked up at the clouds rolling in. Dark, ominous ones. She shivered and pulled her shawl tighter about her as the breeze picked up. A storm brewed, and she still had several miles to go until she reached her new home in South Carolina. “God willing, we will make it, Maddy.” Fear deepened the lines on Maddy’s plain face. “’Tis like the squall on the boat.” Lightning flashed, momentarily brightening the shadows of the forest. A clap of thunder rumbled the ground. Maddy screamed. The old gelding that pulled the cart—all Rachel’s meager coins could afford—increased its speed, weaving from side to side. Out of control. Determined to be...

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