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November Christian Fiction

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More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. A Wild Goose Chase Christmas by Jennifer AlLee — An heirloom quilt, secret messages, a hyper dog, and a possible treasure make for an unforgettable Christmas. (Contemporary Romance from Abingdon Press). Freefall by Jodie Bailey — A soldier teams up with a retired commando, an undercover agent, and her ex-husband to uncover a drug smuggler, and while one man wins her love, another tries to destroy her. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired). Christmas Stalking by Margaret Daley — Bodyguard Ellie St. James has one objective : protect her client without letting her know, but there’s an expected complication–Colt Winfield. They must trust each...

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Excerpt from Christmas Stalking by Margaret Daley

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In the dark, Ellie St. James scanned the mountainous terrain out her bedroom window at her new client’s home in Colorado, checking the shadows for any sign of trouble before she went to sleep. The large two-story house of redwood and glass blended in well with the rugged landscape seven thousand feet above sea level. Any other time she would appreciate the beauty, but she was here to protect Mrs. Rachel Winfield. A faint sound punched through her musing. She whirled away from the window and snatched her gun off the bedside table a few feet from her. Fitting the weapon into her right palm and finding its weight comforting, she crept toward her door and eased it open to listen. None of the guard dogs were barking. Maybe she’d imagined the noise. A...

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