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Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt-Free Books

»Posted on Mar 22, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt-Free Books

Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!  If you at any time need to read the instructions for the hunt, please Scorned Justice By Margaret Daley Texas Ranger Brody Calhoun is with his parents in west Texas when an unexpected attack injures the brother of Rebecca Morgan, Brody’s high school sweetheart. The local sheriff, a good friend, asks for Brody’s help. At first, it seems like an open-and-shut case. As Brody digs deeper, he realizes the attack may be related to an organized crime trial Rebecca will be overseeing. With Rebecca’s help, he compiles evidence involving cattle rustling, bribery, and dirty payoffs that shatter the entire community and put Rebecca directly in the line of fire. Brody...

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