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A Love Rekindled Excerpt

»Posted on Mar 16, 2012 in Book Excerpts | Comments Off on A Love Rekindled Excerpt

Clasping the strap of her purse so tightly pain zipped up her arm, Kim Walters zeroed in on Zane Davidson, the man she had avoided for the past three years since he had returned to Hope, the man who had broken her heart. The man she wished she never had to talk to again. But he was her last hope to get her house repaired at a price she could afford. Before she lost her nerve, she crossed the parking lot of the hurricane-damaged school building where she was a third-grade teacher. I can do this. But her step faltered the closer she came to Zane. The fingernails on her hand around her purse strap dug into her palm. This is crazy. Maggie is wrong. My cousin is an eternal optimist. Surely there’s another solution to getting our home restored. Kim halted,...

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