April 27th National Tell Us a Story Day by Margaret Daley

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April 27th National Tell Us a Story Day (To make it clear that doesn’t mean tell a lie.)

By Margaret Daley 

For a writer this is a perfect day. I try to spin stories all the time, but I must confess since having to stay at home for the past six weeks, I haven’t written much. I thought it might be fun in the tradition of this day since it is a National Tell Us a Story Day. This date doesn’t have to be only for writers. For parents who have children at home because the schools are shut down, it might be fun to start a story with a line or two then ask them to continue the story.

 Some examples might be:

 Emma heard a scratching sound against her window. As a chill ran up her spine…


 Joan waded out into the surf, the warm sea covering her legs as she neared the raft. Billy and Stephen were clinging to it as they rode a gentle wave that crested a hundred feet from shore. The sound of her two son’s giggling drew her attention until she glimpsed a fin moving through the water closer to…


Charlie laughed at a joke his friend told him even though he didn’t think it was funny. Behind Charlie another boy…

You might pick one of the starters above or come up with one of your own.

Below in the comment section give me a line after: Emma heard a scratching sound against her window. As a chill ran up her spine, she saw a face staring at her.

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