A New Release—Cold Pursuit—by Gayla K. Hiss

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Yellowstone, the Perfect Place for Romantic Suspense By Gayla K. Hiss 

Yellowstone National Park is a favorite of mine. One of my most memorable trips there was in winter, when my husband and I took a guided tour. It inspired me to write a fictional story, which became my romantic suspense book, COLD PURSUIT, the fourth in my Peril in the Park series. Here are five reasons why Yellowstone is the perfect setting for it:

  1. Awesome Surroundings. With its vast array of spectacular features like the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and remarkable geyser basins, Yellowstone is one of our most beautiful national parks. But beneath the stunning landscape is an active supervolcano with a network of channels that funnel superheated water to the geysers, hot springs, and pools throughout the region. Old Faithful, the most famous of the geysers, is not as faithful as it used to be due to earthquakes that have rearranged the underground plumbing over the years. The beauty and potential danger from this volatile caldera provide the perfect atmosphere for suspense.
  2. Charming Lodges, Hotels, and History. During our winter tour, we had the pleasure of staying at the historic Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in the park. This lovely hotel was built in the 1930’s and is walking distance to the colorful Mammoth Hot Springs. We also stayed at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, which is walking distance to its namesake geyser in the heart of the national park. These are perfect getaways for romance and mystery to unfold.
  3. Outdoor Adventure. In summer, I like to hike in Yellowstone, but on our winter tour, I was introduced to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, two fun and invigorating ways to explore the wilderness that will keep you warm even in subzero temperatures. Snowmobiling is also popular in the park, and since most of the roads in Yellowstone are closed to cars in winter, snowmobiles and snowcoaches are the only way to get around. The remote winter wilderness provides perfect conditions for outdoor adventures, both fun and romantic as well as dangerous and suspenseful.
  4. Abundant Wildlife. Among the variety of wildlife in the park, bison are one of the most ubiquitous. They seem to be everywhere from Visitor Centers to geyser basins. Elk also frequently cross paths with humans in the more populated areas of the park. Along with bison and elk, I had to include the mysterious, elusive Yellowstone wolves in my story. When it comes to intriguing, wild animals, Yellowstone is the perfect place to find them.
  5. Local Color. On the outskirts of the park is the charming frontier town known as West Yellowstone, Montana. This delightful community with rustic, log-cabin diners, general stores, and lodges is the perfect destination for my heroine to warm up from the cold, enjoy a hot cocoa, and do a little snooping.


Most people go to Yellowstone in summer, but as I discovered on my tour, it’s just as amazing and beautiful in winter. The cold conditions transform the landscape into a virtual winter wonderland, the ideal environment for the Christmas timing of my book. It’s one more reason why Yellowstone is the perfect setting for a romantic suspense novel—or a thrilling winter vacation.

Gayla K. Hiss

Award-winning author Gayla K. Hiss began her writing journey painting landscapes. In her imagination, characters and scenes came to life as she painted beautiful natural settings. Her inspiring novels combine her love for the great outdoors with romance, suspense, and adventure. Her book WILDFIRE recently won the Faith, Hope, and Love Reader’s Choice Award for romantic suspense. Gayla and her husband often tour the country in their RV, visiting many state and national parks. She enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling, and lives in the Pacific Northwest. She’s excited to announce the recent release of COLD PURSUIT, book 4 in her Peril in the Park series.

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