How Writers Add Flair to TheirFall Social Media Posts by DiAnn Mills

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How Writers Add Flair to TheirFall Social Media Posts by DiAnn Mills

It may be nearing 100° where you live, but school is in session for most and the theme is fall for our northern hemisphere. Social media is transitioning from juicy strawberries and plump blueberries to apples and pumpkins. Even if we don’t feel like turning our thoughts toward autumn, the calendar indicates it’s time.

The following ideas may help you with your fall social media posts.

Transition into the season with color.That seems like a no-brainer, but color is emotional, and the warm shades of orange paired with gold, brown, and scarlet coax the reader into a psychological change of season. When the opportunity arises, look at background and font colors.

Switch to fall images for memes. The adage, a picture is worth a thousand words is true for our meme choices. The choice of images point to mood, emotion, and blog theme. When we reflect the season into our posts, the reader can resonate with what we’re saying.

Choose words that symbolize autumn.Think about the words that mean a tangible item but also represents something else. Consider the following words and how they can express deep feelings and expressions to your social media post or blog.

  1. Change: as the leaves change colors and days grow shorter, perhaps our views and attitudes about our social media posts need a new perspective.
  2. Comfort: we soothe and calm ourselves by adding extra layers of clothes, inviting friends for cozy and intimate fellowship, and the art of coffee, spice teas, cider, and hot chocolate play a role in satisfying our hearts.
  3. Harvest: gathering the fields represents a harvest of the mind, a time to renew learning.
  4. Maturity: seasons of life show autumn is a time of reflection and wisdom.
  5. Preservation: mother nature has been busy getting ready for the months ahead. Look at animals and the busy farmer. We too are reconnecting with ourselves and making plans that differ from summer fun. Our posts are indications of preserving the past, present, and future.

Let’s welcome in the new season with posts that embrace our readers with meaning and inspiration. How do you plan to usher in fall with your social media posts?

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