The Austrian Asset by Ethan Jones–99¢ through November 19th

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Blurb for The Austrian Asset by Ethan Jones:

The Austrian Asset is an explosive Justin Hall spy thriller from #1 Amazon bestselling author Ethan Jones.

What if your asset was working with terrorists?

When an asset working for the Europe Clandestine Service disappears in Vienna, he takes a cache of secrets with him. ECS agents Justin Hall and Carrie O’Connor need to find the asset, to learn the truth about his connection to an ISIS-affiliated network.

Forced to work with the secretive Russian intelligence service, Justin and Carrie must search for their asset across Europe, while trying to unravel a web of half-truths and ominous connections. As they uncover a pivotal piece of intelligence, will it be too late to stop a terror plot that will plunge the continent into chaos?

The Austrian Asset is the perfect pulse-pounding spy thriller, barreling along with the breakneck speed of Brad Thor and the jam-packed action of David Baldacci. If you like Tom Clancy, Daniel Silva, or Lee Child, you’ll love this adrenaline-drenched spy thriller spanning the globe.

Ethan is trying to get onto the USA Today bestsellers list.


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