New Release: The Happiness in Between by Grace Greene

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Margaret, thanks so much for hosting me today and giving me the chance to say hello to your readers. For those who don’t know me, I’m a USA Today Bestselling author and I write women’s fiction set in Virginia, and also sweet romance with inspirational elements set at the beach in Emerald Isle, NC. The Virginia books (women’s fiction) are mostly single titles (standalones) set in the rural areas outside of Richmond, and my Jan. 31st release, THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN, is one of those.

Between what you think you want and what you find = The Happiness In Between.

I grew up in at the end of a dead-end street surrounded by woods and I lived most of my childhood in those woods. In many ways, I was more at home there than in social settings. To this day, crowds unnerve me. It always seemed to me that I didn’t fit in, but I had enough confidence to believe I could learn, or at least manage. I did well in school and in jobs post-school, but I never lost that sensation of being different and being drained by social encounters. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand that’s true for many women. And that, at its essence, is the struggle my heroine deals with—except she lacks the confidence to overcome and counted on seeking the approval of others to validate her choices.

In the THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN the protagonist, Sandra Hurst, spent much of her early childhood at the old homeplace along Cub Creek, but after her grandmother died, she rarely went back. As an adult, she can’t seem to make her life work. She had dreams and hopes for her future, but none of it has worked out and, in fact, her life has gone from bad to worse. She runs away from her manipulative husband, hoping for yet another chance to remake her life, but to succeed, she must understand the core problem—herself. She goes into hiding at Cub Creek where she’ll find peace and quiet, but what she finds within herself will be the true key to a happier life.

Release day is January 31st and if you have the opportunity to read it, I hope you’ll let me know what you think of The Happiness In Between

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