New Release The Broken Trail by Christa MacDonald

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About Broken Trails by Christa MacDonald

Love isn’t a smooth path, it’s a broken trail. For Mac and Katherine, the characters in The Broken Trail, this is definitely true. Katherine, an education expert, has traveled to the rural Maine woods to turn around a failing school. She’s hopes that the quiet of the wilderness can soothe her soul. There’s only a handful of people in the world who know that the long, thin scar on her cheek is just one of many, the souvenirs of a terrible betrayal and a painful secret. Katherine has built a career on being the smartest and toughest person in the room.  She’s relied on herself for a long time and she’s ready for a break. The mountains of Maine sound like a good place to let God back into her life.

But Sweet River isn’t the quiet little town she expected and there’s more difficulty at the school than she’d been prepared for. From the first day she arrives there’s trouble everywhere she turns. The last straw? The rental house she was so looking forward to ends up being a dilapidated cabin complete with a grumpy, overbearing landlord, ‘Mac’ MacAlister, the local police captain.

Captain ‘Mac’ MacAlister has spent his life protecting and serving. It’s his nature and his calling. When he sees Katherine he knows he doesn’t need her kind of trouble. She’s only going to be in town a few months and despite his immediate attraction to her, he’s not looking for anything temporary. But somehow he can’t seem to leave her alone. He’s drawn to her like a moth to a flame. When she gives him a glimpse beneath her hard exterior to the warm woman beneath, he’s determined to find a way in. Mac has his hands full with trespassers, drug traffickers, and locals with more complaints than sense, but he suspects Katherine is worth the effort.

Katherine has to decide if she wants to let go of her carefully controlled world and reach out in faith for a chance at love. Will Mac be the one to catch her if she falls?


Bio for Christa MacDonald

Christa MacDonald began her writing career at the age of eleven, filling a sketchbook with poems and short stories. While at Gordon College she traded the sketchbooks for floppy discs, publishing short personal narratives in the literary journal The Idiom. After graduation and traveling cross-country she settled down to focus first on her career in operations management and then her growing family. When her children reached grade school Christa returned to her love of writing, finding the time between conference calls, dance lessons, and baseball games.
When not at her desk working or writing, Christa can be found curled up in her favorite chair reading, out and about with her husband and kids, or in the garden.  She lives with her family along the coast of Massachusetts in the converted barn they share with a dog and two formerly-feral cats.
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