Interview with Heroine from Counter Point by Marji Laine

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Interview with Cathy “Cat” McPhereson, owner of Mac’s Diner in Heath’s Point, Texas, and heroine of COUNTER POINT, a new romantic suspense novel by Marji Laine.


Cathy McPhereson, tell me the most interesting thing about you.

Well, everyone calls me Cat. That’s not the most interesting thing about me, but you can call me Cat as well. Only my Mom and Ray ever called me Cathy, though sometimes my dad would call me Cathleen when I was in trouble. *sad smile* But they’re all gone now. Mom died when I was ten and Dad just passed away a few weeks ago.

I’m sorry, what was the question?

What’s the most interesting thing about you?

Oh, I’m not interesting. The diner is open from six in the morning until three in the afternoon. I’m usually here for about an hour cleaning up. I run to Sunrise Inn to change and help the owners, Myra and Ellis Stone, with whatever they need, then I come back here to serve the day’s leftovers to the homeless and folks who won’t have dinner any other way.

You open the diner for free dinners?

No, we serve the leftovers in boxed meals. That way, the folks can eat at their leisure.

That’s a lot of work. What do you do for fun?

Well, I have fun at the diner. I love chatting with customers. And I enjoy serving the dinners at sunset every day. The people will even stay and listen to a short devotion.

You do the devotions?

Oh, no, not me. My dad always did them. Now, Grady, my cook, does them. Sometimes, the police chief will come down and speak. He’s my godfather. But for fun, I used to ride horses a lot. Almost every day. There’s a feeling of freedom with that, you know? But they were Ray’s horses. Since he’s been gone, I haven’t done much riding.

Ray was a good friend?

He used to be my boyfriend. I guess he’s still a friend. I mean, he’s not dead or anything … just gone. After spending almost five years in college, he took off for a mission field without even talking to me about it. I don’t even know where he is.

So I guess he’s not a GOOD friend. Especially if you haven’t heard from him for so many years.

He’s been in the field for almost three, now. The thing is, we dreamed of going into missions together. Last time I saw him, just before his college graduation, we’d talked about marriage, serving together somewhere. Then he up and left me without even saying goodbye, though he sends me cards. Birthdays and such.

What are you afraid of most in life?

I’m kinda already experiencing it. With Ray off and Dad gone, I’m pretty much on my own. I hate being alone. At least, I’m not having to live all by myself. The Stones invited me to stay at their inn for as long as I’d like. I have a glorious view of Lake Grayson from the third-floor attic suite of their beautiful Victorian. And there are always people around. Of course, they aren’t family.

What do you want out of life?

What I’ve always wanted. To serve alongside Ray in some type of mission work. But Ray’s got that without me. And I don’t even know how to get started applying for any mission field. Without a seminary degree, I’m not even sure anyone would want me.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Just one thing? Ummm … my height. Who’s gonna take me serious at five-foot-nothing with a little cartoon voice. And my Texas accent doesn’t help much. Maybe if I’d gone to college, somewhere to the north, I’d sound a little smarter. Not that I’m dumb, I just sound sorta dumb.

You don’t sound dumb, but I’m curious, what do you see yourself doing in five years, since the dreams that you’ve had won’t likely happen?

Good question. I guess, I’ll still be at the diner. I mean, my dad had a partner in the business, but he’s never stirred up any trouble. Not that he’s a nice man or anything. He’s a creep, but he’s always left us alone and enjoyed the profits from Mac’s. And, at least for now, I plan to stay at Sunrise Inn. The Stones are getting on in years and really need help with repairs and such. I’m small but mighty with a wrench. *laugh* My dad hated hiring handymen and made sure I could take on any task from plumbing to dry wall to electrical. I’d even kept his clunker of a car going until last month when we got him a new one.

Sounds like you’re a good daughter.

I miss him. I miss Ray, too. I get this sense that God has something in store for me. I hope so. I don’t like the feeling that I’m wasting my life.

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