Love Is a Puzzle by Pam Hillman and Play Solve the Puzzle

» Posted on Aug 30, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Love Is a Puzzle by Pam Hillman and Play Solve the Puzzle

Pam Hillman’s latest novella, Love Is a Puzzle (The California Gold Rush Romance Collection), released this month. 9 Stories of finding treasures worth more than gold. Check out Pam’s website for a cool interactive puzzle, and then come back and comment on how long it took for you to solve the puzzle.


Rush to California after the 1848 gold discovery alongside thousands of hopeful men and women. Meet news reporters, English gentry, miners, morticians, marriage brokers, bankers, fugitives, preachers, imposters, trail guides, map makers, cooks, missionaries, town builders, soiled doves, and more people who take advantage of the opportunities to make their fortunes in places where the population swelled overnight. But can faith and romance transform lives where gold is king?

About Love Is a Puzzle. Shanyn Duvall’s cartographer father is missing; his maps and his hand carved jigsaw puzzles the only clues left behind. Nick Johnston guides the group of mapmakers into mining territory, but isn’t keen on having women on the dangerous trek. When Shanyn needs to follow her clues deeper into the mountains, will Nick help?