Abby’s Cowboy: The Inheritance by Kathy Carmichael

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Abby's Cowboy

What could be more exciting than writing about a billionaire who gives back by leaving life-altering bequests to people he met and wanted to help? In The Inheritance Series, all of the stories start with bequests by Mr. Harold Hopewell.

Billionaire Harold Hopewell traveled the world, encountering people and letting their stories touch him. In death, he is giving back, leaving an unusual will filled with life-altering bequests to the people he met along the way. Read the Inheritance Series, and let their stories touch you.

A little demolition, some major chaos and a life-changing romance

In Abby’s Cowboy, Rancher Josh Callahan is astonished when he learns he has inherited the two Corgis he once returned to their owner Harold Hopewell, as well as a truckload of cash—and an interior designer. Designer Abby Palmer is excited about making over Josh’s beautiful old farmhouse, whether the stubborn cowboy likes it or not. Between the dogs, the debris and the designer, Josh is in over his head—and his heart.