Interview with Virelle Kidder, the author of Is That You, God?

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Interview with Virelle Kidder, the author of Is That You, God?


1. How do we know when God is talking to us?

Often we don’t. Rather than recognize that God is trying to get our attention, we still try to handle life’s biggest difficulties on our own. Soon, we’re in a mess and often blaming God for it.

2. Why do you call obstacles in life “donkeys?”

(30 sec. Version of Numb 22) Just like Balaam in Numbers 22 who kicked and whipped his balky donkey that refused to move, we face big obstacles of all sorts and try to push and whip them into shape with our complaints, words, and even our insistent prayers.

3. Can you name some of yours? How do we identify our own donkeys?

Often we live with our donkeys. My first one was an unbelieving husband who showed no interest in my faith. My attitude toward him nearly wrecked our marriage until I began to listen to what God was saying. The result was transformational. Same thing was true with a rebellious teenager, repeated health problems, even stress in the neighborhood or work place. Finally, I woke up and realized God was speaking through these things. What a surprise!

4. It’s easy to blame our donkeys. How do we avoid that?

Now I know how to stop earlier and ask God, “What are you trying to say to me with this problem?” If we ask, He will answer.

5. What is their purpose?

Our donkeys are leading us to a good place, a listening place where we will hear God’s voice either through His Word, or a friend, or even the inner voice of the Holy Spirit. What He says will change our life.

6. Is God always trying to tell me something or are some donkeys brought on as a consequence to something I’ve done or not done? How do you know the difference?

That’s a great question. We can invite problems through foolish or sinful choices. The moment we realize it, just confess it to God and ask Him to lead the way back onto His path. It will be the best choice you ever make.

7. Control freaks have a harder time. Why?

Some strong personalities have a very hard time handing the reins over to God or anyone else. As a result, things never get better. The best prayer for that person is, “Go get her, Lord.” And He will.

8. How do we avoid complaining?

Develop a more thankful heart even before your feet hit the floor in the morning. Begin your day praising God and reading His Word. When you find grumbling thoughts surfacing in your heart, ask God to help you refuse to give them words. He will help every time we ask.

9. What one piece of advice would you give readers today who realize they are dealing with a donkey that looks like a family member?

You are not alone. Most of us live with our donkeys, but the good part is you have a close up view to what God is doing. Yield the outcome early, and thank God daily for His never-ending love for you. A great story is on the way.

10. Where can we get the book?

You can get Are You There, God? on Amazon, or any good book store.