Heroine Interview from A Daughter’s Return by Janet Lee Barton with a Giveaway

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This week I’m hosting Janet Lee Barton with A Daughter’s Return (US and Canada only), Harry Wegley with Triple Threat (print US only, ebook outside US), and Susan Anne Mason with Healing the Widower’s Heart (US and Canada only). If you want to enter the drawings for the books, please leave a comment on your post with your email address. I will not enter you without an email address (my way to contact you if you win). If you don’t want to leave an email address, another way you can enter is to email me at margaretdaley@gmail.com. The drawings end Sunday (Feb. 22nd) evening.



Interview with the heroine from A Daughter’s Return by Janet Lee Barton:

1. Rebecca, tell me the most interesting thing about you.

I’m not sure . . . maybe that I’ve made it out of the tenements in New York City? But then that was through nothing I did, but that I was found by a woman who lived at my mother’s boarding house and, because of her, my daughter and I have been reunited with my family. I am taking classes at the YWCA and learning to type at home, so that I’ll never have to live in the tenements again.

2. What do you do for fun?

I play dolls with my daughter, Jenny. I love spending time with her. But now that I’m back with my family, I’ve begun to enjoy outings with the other boarders. Ben has been very kind to my daughter and me. We all plan on going skating soon.

3. What do you put off doing because you dread it?

I put off telling others about my past and how I came to live in the tenements in the first place. I especially dread telling Ben, although he’s shared so much with me. I know I need to . . . soon, perhaps.

4. What are you afraid of most in life?

That if others, especially Ben, knew about my past, it would change their opinion of me.

5. What do you want out of life?

I can’t have what I want. I ruined that years ago. But if I could . . . it would be to have a husband who loved me and wanted to be a father to my daughter.

6. What is the most important thing to you?

My daughter, Jenny. She’s all that kept me going for so long and I want to make a good life for her.

7. Do you read? If so, what is your favorite type of book to read?

Now that I live at Heaton House, I plan on reading the many books in my mother’s study. But my favorite book is the Bible.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

That I’d never have been so rebellious as to leave home.

9. Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet?

I don’t have a pet, but I’d like to get Jenny a puppy one day.

10. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

I would go back to when I was left on my own and run back home to my family as fast as I could instead of thinking they would never forgive me. I know better now.

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  1. Sounds like a book I would truly enjoy. Thank you for the chance to win.

    😀 Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Rebecca sounds interesting. Thanks for the interview.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  3. I enjoyed reading the character interview. Although I am looking forward to reading the next installment in this delightful series, please do not enter me in this contest as I am moving from one home to another over the next several months. Thanks for the chance to learn more about your latest release.

  4. I’ve wondered about Rebecca since the series began. It’s great to finally have her story!

    • Ditto to what Linda said. I’m glad Rebecca’s getting her story told! : )

  5. Cindy, Amy and Diane, thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad find Rebecca interesting. I loved writing this story.

  6. Great interview, Janet! I am anxious to read this one, and the Christmas one coming later this year!

  7. Great character interview. Thank you for sharing!

    melback at cebridge dot net

  8. Thanks Aaron! I hope you like it–both of them. 🙂
    And thank you, Melanie!

  9. I enjoyed Rebecca’s interview and would love to read her story!

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

  10. Linda and Erin, I’m glad you’re happy about Rebecca having her own story at last! 🙂 I loved writing it!
    And Britney I’m glad you enjoyed her interview!

  11. Janet, you did a wonderful character interview. I know I will love the story as I have LOVED all the others!

  12. Thank you, Jacqueline!

  13. Loved reading the interview Janet! I also enjoyed reading this one. It was so good. Thank you for producing wonderful books!

  14. Hi Janet – I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Congratulations on such a successful series.

  15. interesting heroine

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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