May 2014 Christian Fiction New Releases

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May 2014 New Releases

More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website.

Contemporary Romance:

One More Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong — Sarah Cooley’s ex-fiancé wanted to change everything about her. She has come home to Last Chance, New Mexico, for one reason–because it stays the same. Chris Reed, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to spark some change in the little town. He’s shaking things up to draw folks from all over the Southwest into his new restaurant. As it turns out, the winds of change are blowing into Last Chance–just not in the ways that Sarah or Chris might expect. (Contemporary Romance from Revell [Baker Publishing Group])

The Nurse’s Perfect Match by Narelle Atkins — After her marriage ends in tragedy, nurse Amy Wilkins returns to Snowgum Creek to rebuild her life. There she meets widower Ben Morton, who’s not looking for romance, though his young children are eager for Amy’s attention. She’s given up on her dream of being a mother, but can’t ignore how she’s drawn to Ben’s little ones, and to their handsome farmer dad. As love kindles between Ben and Amy, she worries how she’ll ever measure up to the wife he lost. And Ben is concerned about how Amy ever truly fit into life on the farm. They could be the answer to each other’s prayers—if the secret Amy is keeping doesn’t tear them apart. (Contemporary Romance from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

One Perfect Spring by Irene Hannon — Claire Summers is a single mother who is doing her best to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her. Keith Watson is an executive assistant to a philanthropic businessman and is used to fielding requests for donations. But when a letter from Claire’s eleven-year-old daughter reaches his desk, everything changes. The girl isn’t asking for money, but for help finding the long-lost son of an older neighbor. As Keith digs reluctantly into this complicated assignment, he has no idea how intertwined his life and Claire’s will become–nor how one little girl’s kindhearted request will touch so many lives and reap so many blessings. (Contemporary Romance from Revell [Baker Publishing Group])

Tumbleweed Weddings by Donna Reimel Robinson — Watch as true love triples in tiny Ft. Lob, Wyoming, where three siblings each find love unexpectedly. Callie Brandt thinks she’s destined to be a spinster librarian. . .until a gorgeous newcomer arrives in town. Tonya Brandt is so self-absorbed, she just might miss out on true love. . .until a secret admirer helps her see that true beauty is much more than skin deep. Derek Brandt sees no good reason to disrupt his life with a wife right now. . .until he realizes the best girl for him might not wait around forever. (Contemporary Romance from Barbour Publishing)

A Season of Change by Lynette Sowell — Amish widower Jacob Miller is Stranded in Sarasota until his daughter recovers after being struck by a car. Jacob grows increasingly wary of his unfamiliar surroundings-including the strange curiosity of Englischer Natalie Bennett. Natalie never thought her circus career as an aerial silks artist would end with a blown-out knee at the age of 25. She also never knew her late mother had a secret-that she was once Amish. When Natalie meets the Millers at the Sarasota hospital, she wonders if they can help her find her mother’s family. As Jacob and Natalie fall in love, their worlds collide. Will their differences tear them apart? Or will their love be strong enough to blend their clashing cultures? (Contemporary Romance from Abingdon Press)

Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg — After playing nomad for five years, Blake Hunziker has finally returned to Whisper Shore. He’s stunned at not only a warm welcome from his hometown but also a job offer contingent on his pulling off the annual Christmas Festival. If only he knew the first thing about coordinating events… If there’s one thing Autumn Kingsley knows, it’s Whisper Shore. For years, she’s been stuck running her family’s inn when all she wants is to see the world. Now she has an appointment with a potential investor who could take over the inn, as well as a dream job offer in Paris. But with just two weeks to whip the inn into shape, her chance at escape is a long shot. The Hunzikers and the Kingsleys don’t get along, but Blake knows Autumn’s the only one who can help him. She agrees to help with the Festival if he’ll help with inn repairs. Their simple trade becomes much more involved when the guy who’s done running away joins forces with the girl who can’t wait to leave. (Contemporary Romance from Bethany House [Baker Publishing Group])

Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade — After a whirlwind romance deposits them at a Las Vegas wedding chapel, Ty Porter and Cecilia Park wake to a marriage certificate and a dose of cold reality. Celia’s ready to be Ty’s wife, but Ty’s not ready to be her husband. He’s a professional bull rider, he lives on the road, and he’s long planned to settle down with the hometown girl he’s known since childhood. Five and a half years pass. Celia’s buried her dreams so that she can afford to raise her daughter. Ty’s achieved all of his goals. Or thought he had, until he looks again into the eyes of the woman he couldn’t forget and into the face of the child he never knew he had. How much will Ty sacrifice to win back Celia’s trust and prove to her that their spontaneous marriage can still become the love of a lifetime? (Contemporary Romance from Bethany House [Baker Publishing Group])

Young Adult Speculative Fiction:

Merlin’s Nightmare by Robert Treskillard — Merlin, tired of hiding and running from his enemies, wants nothing more than to spend his days with his family and train Arthur for his rightful place as king. But when Arthur goes missing, a desperate Merlin must abandon all other quests to find him before a shadowy pursuer catches Arthur first. Having almost nothing to fight with, Merlin and Arthur must rally Britain’s warriors against three overwhelming enemies: Saxenow hordes in the south, Picti raiders in the north, and a chilling new enemy that has arisen in the west. At the same time, Morgana brings Merlin’s deepest fear to life and sets a horde of werewolves loose to destroy Britain. Will Merlin and Arthur find a way to survive-without unleashing an even greater evil? (Fantasy from HarperCollins Christian Publishing [Thomas Nelson & Zondervan])


Through the Deep Waters by Kim Vogel Sawyer — Born to an unloving prostitute in a popular Chicago brothel, timid seventeen-year-old Dinah Hubley was raised amidst the secrets held in every dark, grimy room of her home. Anxious to escape, Dinah pursues her dream of becoming a Harvey Girl, waiting tables along the railroad in an upscale hotel. But when she finds out she isn’t old enough, her only option is to accept a job as a chambermaid at the Clifton Hotel in Florence, Kansas. The Clifton offers a life Dinah has never known, but blinded to the love around her, Dinah remains buried in the shame of her past. When a handsome chicken farmer named Amos Ackerman starts to show interest, Dinah withdraws further, convinced no one could want a sullied woman like her. Despite his self-consciousness about his handicapped leg and her strange behavior, Amos resolves to show Dinah Christ’s love. But can she ever accept a gift she so desperately needs? (Historical from Waterbrook/Multnomah [Random House])

Historical Romance:

Out of the Ruins by Karen Barnett — While her sister lies on her deathbed, Abby Fischer prays for a miracle. What Abby doesn’t expect, however, is for God’s answer to come in the form of the handsome Dr. Robert King, whose experimental treatment is risky at best. As they work together toward a cure, Abby’s feelings for Robert become hopelessly entangled. Separated by the tragedy of the mighty San Francisco earthquake, their relationship suddenly takes a back seat to survival. With fires raging throughout the city, Abby fears for her life as she flees alone through burning streets. Where is God now? Will Robert find Abby, even as the world burns around them? Or has their love fallen with the ruins of the city? (Historical Romance from Abingdon Press)

The Heart’s Pursuit by Robin Lee Hatcher — Silver Matlock is a Colorado beauty in search of revenge against the man who stranded her at the altar and fled with the remnant of her family’s fortune. Jared Newman, rugged as the West itself, is relentless in his pursuit of lawless men—but unable to escape his own tragic past. Hardened by his life as a bounty hunter, he must learn to forgive before he loses his soul. Joining forces, the two set out in search of Silver’s betrayer. The handsome but embittered Jared finds himself powerfully drawn to the beautiful woman whose drive for justice equals his own. But lack of honesty keeps Silver and Jared from fully trusting each other, even as a shocking revelation intensifies their pursuit of the cunning—and deadly—quarry. (Historical Romance from HarperCollins Christian Publishing [Thomas Nelson & Zondervan])

While Love Stirs by Lorna Seilstad — After graduating from Fannie Farmer’s School of Cookery in 1910, Charlotte Gregory is ready to stir things up. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to travel, lecture, and give cooking demonstrations on the very latest kitchen revolution–the gas stove–and certainly doesn’t mind that the gas company has hired the handsome Lewis Mathis to perform at her lectures. Lewis encourages her work, especially her crusade to introduce fresh, appetizing, nutritious food to those convalescing in hospitals. But young hospital superintendent Dr. Joel Brooks is not convinced any changes should be made–especially by this outspoken young woman. When Charlotte and Joel are coerced into planning a fund-raising gala for the hospital, will this combustible pair explode? (Historical Romance from Revell [Baker Publishing Group])

Branding the Wrangler’s Heart by Davalynn Spencer — Whitaker Hutton always gets his way. When cattle go missing from the Bar-HB Ranch, the tenacious foreman will stop at nothing to find them. But his boss’s granddaughter, Olivia Hartman, is more than Whit bargained for. Once the victim of Whit’s childhood pranks, Livvy has grown into a feisty beauty. Livvy can’t forget the way Whit used to tease her. Even worse, he doesn’t think she’s capable of helping in the roundup. She could stay mad at him forever-if he wouldn’t act all sweet toward her. But when he literally rides to her rescue, Livvy starts to wonder whether her old enemy might turn out to be much more than a friend. (Historical Romance from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

Contemporary Women’s Fiction:

All My Belongings by Cynthia Ruchti — After years of running from the shame her father put on her family, Jayne is determined not to let him steal her future. Changing her name to Becca Morrow, she moves to California and settles into a new job caring for the ailing mother of intriguing but caregiver-challenged young businessman, Isaac Hughes. Just as she’s wondering if she and Isaac are headed for a relationship, Becca’s patient passes away under unusual circumstances. Suddenly, her past catches up with her and the unnerving details of her heritage threaten to destroy all hope for love. Even if she could clear her name, her estranged father now calls for her help. But can Becca open her new life to the man who ruined her past? (Contemporary from Abingdon Press)

General Fiction:

Chateau of Secrets by Melanie Dobson — Giséle Duchant guards a secret that could cost her life. Tunnels snake through the hill under her family’s medieval chateau in Normandy. When German soldiers take over the family’s chateau, Giséle is forced to host them-while harboring resistance fighters right below their feet. Taking in a Jewish friend’s baby, she convinces the Nazis that it is her child, ultimately risking everything for the future of the child. When the German officers begin to suspect her deception, an unlikely hero rescues both her and the child. Seventy years later, Chloe Sauver, Giséle’s granddaughter, arrives in Normandy. After calling off her engagement with a political candidate, Chloe pays a visit to the chateau to escape publicity and work with a documentary filmmaker, Riley, who has uncovered a fascinating story about Jews serving in Hitler’s army. Riley wants to research Chloe’s family history and the lives that were saved in the tunnels under their house in Normandy. Chloe is floored-her family isn’t Jewish, for one thing, and she doesn’t know anything about tunnels or the history of the house. But as she begins to explore the dark and winding passageways beneath the chateau, nothing can prepare her for the shock of what she and Riley discover… (Contemporary from Howard [Simon & Schuster])

Medical Thriller:

Third Trimester by Dianna T. Benson — Paramedic Jodi Duncan recognizes the work of a serial killer before the Myrtle Beach Detective Nate Quigley even suspects a connection between the deaths of two pregnant women. After digging deep into the separate investigations, Nate finds no evidence to support a serial killer theory, and he warns Jodi to back off police business, which only fuels her passion for the cases. When a third pregnant woman is murdered, Nate works to link the deaths in order to unmask and stop the serial murderer, a disturbed man who fixates on Jodi since he discovered her obsession with ending his rampage. (Medical Suspense from Ellechor Publishing House, LLC)

Supernatural Thriller:

Spirit Bridge by James L. Rubart — The Warriors Riding, Reece, Dana, Brandon, and Marcus, have battled in astounding supernatural realms, set captives free, and awakened thousands of hearts . . . but each is reeling from vicious attacks. The warlord demon Zennon is raging and will give them no quarter. Now their only chance of survival depends on calling for The Spirit Bridge. But Zennon holds a hidden strategy that will detonate the team from the inside out. And he’s just set it loose. (Supernatural Thriller from HarperCollins Christian Publishing [Thomas Nelson & Zondervan])

Romantic Suspense:

Bodyguard ReunionBodyguard Reunion by Margaret Daley — Reunions can be deadly. Teaming up with an old flame is not what bodyguard Chloe Howard would call a smart move. Nine years ago Chloe and T. J. Davenport worked on a case together, fell in love, then went their separate ways. Now she’s reunited with the fearless bodyguard to protect a controversial couple on a book tour through Texas. The reunion reminds Chloe of dreams best forgotten. She knows she has to keep her emotions in check so their clients’ protection remains their top priority. Protection that is the only thing keeping them from falling prey to a stalker’s deadly schemes. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

Raptor 6 by Ronie Kendig — Captain Dean Watters keeps his mission and his team in the forefront of his laser-like focus. So when these two things are threatened by hackers, Dean’s Special Forces training kicks into high gear. Failing to stop the hackers from stealing national security secrets from the military’s secure computers and networks isn’t an option. Zahrah Zarrick is a missionary teacher to Afghan children in Mazar-e Sharif. And a target. When Zahrah is captured because of her expertise in quantum cryptology, endangering the US national security, Dean is forced to crack the lockbox around his heart-a move that might come at the highest cost. (Romantic Suspense from Barbour Publishing)

Grave Danger by Katy Lee — When skeletal remains are found on a small Maine island, forensic anthropologist Lydia Muir is sent to investigate the time of death. Island sheriff Wesley Grant seems sure the murder didn’t happen on his watch. But when Lydia uncovers the victim’s identity, someone goes to great lengths to get Lydia off the island. Wes vows to protect her, but is the handsome lawman holding something back? To help catch a killer, she’ll have to trust him-or become the next victim. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

Trail of Secrets by Sandra Robbins — “CALL SETH.” After a brutal attack, that’s all that Callie Lattimer’s uncle Dan, a former police officer, can say. Callie knows that Memphis cop Seth Dawtry will help, even if it means working with the woman who rejected him. The attack seems tied to a decades-old unsolved murder Dan could never let go. Now it’s up to Seth and Callie to follow the clues. But as they uncover answers, they discover the real threat is closer than they ever thought possible. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

Children’s/Middle Grade:

Samantha Sanderson: At the Movies by Robin Caroll — Sam Sanderson is an independent, resourceful, high-tech cheerleader. She dreams of becoming an award-winning journalist like her mother, and so she’s always looking for articles she can publish in her middle-school paper (where she secretly hopes to become editor). And with a police officer for a father, Sam is in no short supply for writing material. When an explosive device is found in the local theater, Sam gets the lead on this developing and controversial story. The movie theater has recently come under attack by a renowned, outspoken atheist for allowing a local church to show Christian movies. Sam’s police-officer father is heading the investigation, and Sam can’t resist doing some sleuthing of her own with the help of her best friend Makayla’s techno-genius. But when Sam’s theories end up being printed in the school paper, she lands in big trouble—and danger! (Children’s/Middle Grade Fiction from HarperCollins Christian Publishing [Thomas Nelson & Zondervan])

Samantha Sanderson: On the Scene by Robin Caroll — What if getting to the bottom of a mystery means learning how to love your enemy? As Samantha and the rest of the middle schoolers prepare for the upcoming Spring Fest, ‘mean girl’ Nikki faces the reality that her parents are getting divorced. Samantha has a hard time sympathizing—Nikki has never been very nice to anyone, let alone Samantha. But when Nikki becomes victim of a string of attacks, Sam takes it upon herself and uses her super sleuth abilities to get to the bottom of the bullying. After all, articles on bullying are just what the school paper needs instead of all that silly fluff like popularity tips. Samantha enlists the help of her tech-savvy BFF, Makayla, but while the two track down clues, they leave a trail of trouble behind—and may even be directly responsible for the break-in of their very own school’s computer lab! (Children’s/Middle Grade Fiction from HarperCollins Christian Publishing [Thomas Nelson & Zondervan])