Heroine Interview from Susanna’s Dream by Marta Perry with a Giveaway

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This week I’m hosting Marta Perry with Susanna’s Dream, Veronica Heley with False Diamond (pdf file for giveaway) and Linda Clare with A Sky Without Stars. If you want to enter the drawings for the books, please leave a comment on one of the post during the week with your email address. I will not enter you without an email address (my way to contact you if you win). If you don’t want to leave an email address, another way you can enter is to email me at margaretdaley@gmail.com. The drawings end Sunday (Feb. 16th) evening.

SusannasDream_cover_v2Interview with the heroine from Susanna’s Dream by Marta Perry:

1.  Susanna Bitler, tell me the most interesting thing about you. A month ago I’d have said that the most interesting thing in my life was my partnership in an Amish Gift Shop in a small Pennsylvania town. But my life changed abruptly when my partner developed health problems and her son began pushing for her to sell the shop. I couldn’t afford to buy it, and with my only family gone, I felt panic at the thought of facing the future. But that was nothing compared to the shock I experienced when I learned that I had been adopted as a small child, and that I had two sisters, one Amish and one Englisch, about whom I knew nothing!

2.  What do you do for fun? My love is handcrafts, as you might guess from my involvement with the shop. I enjoy quilting and creating my own herbal tea blends from the herbs I grow.

3.  What do you put off doing because you dread it? I am putting off getting better acquainted with these two women who call themselves my sisters. How can I accept a whole new family when the woman I’d always considered my mother is so recently gone? It feels like a betrayal of her.

4.  What are you afraid of most in life? I’m afraid of being alone, and sometimes I think that very fear makes it more likely to come true. The basic structure of my life has been swept from under me, and I don’t know which way to turn.

5.  What do you want out of life? A family, doesn’t everyone? Still, I’ve always thought it unlikely that I would marry. The lameness that resulted from the accident that killed my parents seems to make most men look on me as a friend, rather than a sweetheart.

6.  What is the most important thing to you? The shop is the most important thing in my life now, but I seem destined to lose it one way or another. If Nathan Gaus doesn’t sell it out from under me, the rising waters of the river may well sweep it away.

7.  Do you read? If so, what is your favorite type of book to read? Most Amish are great readers, and I love having a library so close here in town. I grew up reading the Little House on the Prairie books, and they’re still my favorites.

8.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would be braver, so that I could face what comes with courage.

9.  Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet? No, I don’t. Before we moved here to Oyersburg, there were plenty of animals on the farm, but since I’m so busy in the shop, it wouldn’t be fair to keep a pet inside all the time.

10. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why? Perhaps I would go back to those days when my birth family was intact. I want to see what we were like before the accident ripped the family apart.