January New Christian Fiction Releases

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January 2014 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website.

Contemporary Romance:

Mommy Wanted by Renee Andrews –A Mother’s Hope Three years ago, Kate Wydell made a big mistake: she ran away, leaving her baby daughter behind. Now Kate’s back in the small Alabama town, desperate to make amends. But she’s afraid to reveal who she is. Especially since her new boss, a widowed father of young girls, is the kind of parent, the kind of person, Kate hopes to be. Mitch Gillespie sings lullabies and teaches his daughters how to be their best. With every passing day, Kate falls harder for him. But once Mitch knows her secret, will she lose him-and her deepest wish-forever? (Contemporary Romance from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

The Rancher’s Secret Son by Betsy St. Amant — When her troubled teenage son is sent to Camp Hope, Emma Shaver is thrilled and relieved. The therapy horse ranch in Broken Bend, Louisiana, is well-known for giving at-risk teens a new lease on life. There’s just one problem-it’s owned by her old high school sweetheart, Max Ringgold, who doesn’t know he’s her son’s father. Emma didn’t plan on facing her past to ensure her son’s future. But when old feelings for Max resurface, Emma must decide if she will reveal the truth to him and restore her family for good. (Contemporary Romance from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

Historical Romance:

With Autumn’s Return by Amanda Cabot –An idealistic lady doctor and an opinionated attorney find love and adventure in nineteenth century Cheyenne, WY. (Historical Romance from Revell – A Division of Baker Publishing Group)

A Match Made in Texas by Mary Connealy, Karen Witemeyer, Carol Cox, Regina Jennings— In the small town of Dry Gulch, Texas, a good-hearted busybody just can’t keep herself from surreptitiously trying to match up women in dire straits with men of good character she hopes can help them. How is she to know she’s also giving each couple a little nudge toward love? (Historical Romance from Bethany House [Baker] Publishing)

The Quaker and the Rebel by Mary Ellis — When a conductor on the Underground Railroad crosses paths with a Rebel Ranger, everyone expected sparks to fly, but sometimes love is more powerful than any army…North or South. (Historical Romance from Harvest House Publishers)

Shadowed by Grace: A Story of Monuments Men by Cara Putman — Desperate to save her dying mother, Rachel accepts her newspaper’s assignment to travel to Italy to capture images dangerously close to the front lines of WWII. Her real motive – to find the father she never knew — an artist she hopes can offer the comfort and support both she and her mother need to survive. It’s an unlikely situation for love and faith to flourish, but soon Rachel not only finds herself, but also her long-lost earthly father, and ultimately, the man her Heavenly father created to cherish and provide for her. (Historical Romance from B&H Publishing)

Romantic Suspense:

Crossfire (Love Inspired Suspense) by Jodie Bailey — After he couldn’t save her brother, army first sergeant Josh Walker isn’t about to let anything happen to Andrea Donovan. Josh may have saved her from one attack, but drug smugglers are desperate to get information about one of Andrea’s patients-a patient who’s disappeared without a trace. Despite the danger, the beautiful counselor refuses to hand over confidential files. Now Josh and Andrea have no choice but to battle on for their lives-and their love-or they’ll be the latest casualty to get caught in the crossfire. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired [Harlequin])

No One to Trust by Lynette Eason — Summer Abernathy wakes up one morning to find her husband missing, three men in her home intent on finding him, and the life she’s been living based on a lie. (Romantic Suspense from Revell – A division of Baker Publishing Group)

Beowulf: Explosives Detection Dog by Ronie Kendig — Former Navy handler Timbrel Hogan has more attitude than her Explosives Detection Dog, Beowulf, but she’s a tough woman who gets the job done. Green Beret Tony “Candyman” VanAllen likes a challenge and convincing the hard-hitting handler they belong together might just get him killed. When tragedy strikes and Tony’s career is jeopardized, Timbrel must re-evaluate her life and priorities-and fast because a terrorist plots to unleash a weapon of mass destruction on American soil. Can Timbrel and Beowulf track the chemicals in time? Will Tony surrender everything to save the woman nobody wants to love-except him? (Romantic Suspense from Barbour Publishing)

Frame-Up by Jill Elizabeth Nelson — When a pair of murders link them as prime suspects, a single mom and a reformed bad boy must team up to prove their innocence before they become the killer’s next victims. (Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired [Harlequin])