Fall Scavenger Hunt-Stop #21

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Welcome to the 2013 Fall Scavenger Hunt Stop #21! This hunt has 26 stops and runs 10/18-10/20/13. You can make the loop, reading unique content from 25 different authors, and if you complete the loop, and fill out the Rafflecopter form at Stop #26, you’ll be in the running for an iPad Mini (loaded with all our books), or one of two runner-up prizes—all 25 of our new releases in paperback. Also, some authors are offering additional prizes, so be sure to read each post thoroughly to be in the running for all that are available. The contest is open internationally.


Be sure to gather the clue at each stop, jotting it down as you go. You will need to provide the COMPLETED phrase to enter. Ready? Here we go…

Susan Sleeman

I have known Susan for several years. We both write for Love Inspired Suspense. Her books are terrific and if I had a say, I would pick the Multnomah Falls as a setting for a book. Wait, the ocean is beautiful too and so is the Painted Hills. How about all three setting in one book. I’d like to welcome Susan Sleeman to my blog.

Susan SleemanBio for Susan Sleeman:

Susan Sleeman is a bestselling author of inspirational and clean reads romantic suspense and mystery novels. When she’s not dreaming up ways to put her characters in danger, she loves reading, gardening, and spending time with her family.

The Top THREE Reasons Why Oregon is the Perfect Setting for Romantic Suspense

People often ask me why I set all of my books in Oregon. Since I write romantic suspense, I need settings that can be intense, deadly, and dramatic—settings that lend themselves to unique predicaments with equally unique rescues of the story’s characters. Oregon has so many dramatic settings all within a day’s drive and today I’ll highlight three of them.

oregon falls1. Oregon has forty-eight named mountain ranges with heavy snow in the winter and amazing falls all year round. I feature a dramatic rescue at Multnomah Falls in The Christmas Witness book 3 of my Morgan Brothers series. Can’t you just see the suspense a rescue on a bridge like this would entail?

Oregon Coast2. Oregon has a rugged, breathtaking coast covered with cliffs and large rocks. I set the Justice Agency book, No Way Out in a fictional town on the coast. The story opens in a blinding, cold rainstorm, and it’s still one of my favorite settings.


painted hills3. And Oregon has the high desert with stunning views like this one in the Painted Hills. I have yet to use the desert as a setting, but it will be featured in my next romantic suspense series, Agents Under Fire.

So now that you know more about Oregon, which setting would you like to read about?

Thread of SuspicionWhat a setting for a book! You can check out Susan Sleeman’s book, Thread of Suspicion, at:


Barnes and Noble


And Now to Move On

Write down this clue: we hope

The next stop (Stop #22) in this Scavenger Hunt is Susan Sleeman’s website.

Bonus Contest by Margaret Daley:

You can win one of The Men of Texas Rangers Series (a book of your choice from Saving Hope, Shattered Silence, Scorned Justice or Severed Trust) when you answer Susan’s question. Which setting would you like to read about in Oregon and why? Also for additional entries into the bonus contest you can like my Facebook page and sign up for my newsletter (on the right hand side of this page about halfway down) as an additional entry into the contest. I’m giving away three books so there will be three winners. Please leave your email if you want to be in the contest.


  1. I want to welcome everyone to the Fall Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt.

  2. YEs! I am so excited ! i want to win! Signing up for your newsletter and my email is onesugarose@hotmail.com

    • Thanks, LadyS.

  3. Klamath Falls, Oregon. Mainly because I have a friend who lives there 🙂 but its also very beautiful.

    • I want to go to Oregon. It looks so beautiful.

    • I used to live in Klamath Falls when I was a kid!

  4. I am going to have to go with the mountain ranges. I love the mountains!

    melback at cebridge dot net

    • I love mountains, too, Melanie, but I simply can’t choose. Too many great settings in Oregon.

    • Melanie, I love mountains, too.

  5. Multnomah Falls keeps coming up in books I run across. I’m intrigued.

    niki716 AT gmail DOT com

    • Niki, I’m with you on that.

  6. Maybe the coast? Beaches and ferry rides are always fun to read about! Or maybe out in the country somewhere on a farm.

    Follower on Facebook and I subscribed to your newsletter.

    • Thanks, Erin.

  7. All those scenes are beautiful… it makes me want to visit Oregon. I’m not sure I could pick one. 🙂 The cost pictures is beautiful, but I’m a mountain girl, so I guess I’d go with that one.

    • Bianca, it is hard to pick just one.

  8. I would pick the Mountains. It’s one of my favorite places. I liked your favebook page.

    • Sara, thanks.

  9. Anywhere in Oregon. I live in Washington state, so it is always fun to read a book set nearby.

    • I hear Washington is gorgeous, too.

  10. Oregon is beautiful! I would say the coast or the mountain ranges. Both could offer such a beautiful background.

    • I love it when the mountains go down into the coast. You get both together.

  11. I would say a great setting would be along one of the water locations (creek, lake, or river), they each present a potential adventure 🙂
    Thanks for the welcome and the giveaway, Margaret!
    Blessings, Kara

    I’m a facebook follower!

    • You’re welcome, Kara.

  12. The painted hills – beautiful! anitascook at gmail dot com

    • I’ve been to the painted desert. Beautiful, too.

  13. I’m a mountain girl, so I would have to stick with seeing the mountain ranges in Oregon.
    I’m a Facebook fan and newsletter subscriber.
    Thanks Margaret for participating in the Scavenger Hunt.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

    • Thanks, Amy. I’m glad you stopped by.

  14. I agree with the other commenters, I like the mountain ranges.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Katie.

  15. I’d probably say the desert since not many stories take place there!

    • My granddaughter has the same name as you do. Love it.

  16. I think I would enjoy reading about the mountain ranges. So beautiful.

    • I live in a state with few mountains and nothing like the Rocky Mountains.

  17. The coast since I have read a couple of the Justice Agency books. Love the suspense!

    Julie @My Favorite Pastime

    • Julie, I’m a big suspense fan.

  18. I have liked your page and joined your email list. 🙂 I think the painted hills sound amazing for a book location! kkakins at gmail dot com

    • Thanks, Karla.

  19. Having grown up along the Columbia river in both Oregon and Washington, I would love a river/logging type setting

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cindi.

  20. It would have to be the coast. I live on the west side of Michigan on Lake Michigan. I was born and raised near the water. I lived in Vermont for 10 years and had to move back to Michigan to be near the water. Absolutely love it.

    • I grew up on the Gulf Coast. Love water.

  21. I would like to read about an Oregon story set at the ocean because the ocean always soothes my soul 😉

    • Kim, there is something calming about water.

  22. The mountain ranges and the water falls. They are so beautiful I joined your newsletter, liked your facebook. Thanks

    • Thanks, Gayle.

  23. I live by the beach, so I would go with the coast, yet I love mountains too.

    • I’m like you, Marilyn. I love both.

  24. that desert is spectacular… it feels so exotic from my corn field view here in the Midwest.

    • Thanks for stopping by Laurel.

  25. Margaret,

    I really enjoyed The Men of Texas Rangers Series–I just haven’t read Severed Trust yet. I can’t wait!

    To answer Susan’s question, I’d have to go with the Painted Hills. They are so unique & beautiful, plus it would be hard to solve a mystery in the desert with blowing winds, shifting sand, hidden crevices everywhere–great setting!

    Thank you for being part of the scavenger hunt as well as being a great author!


    • Thank you, Lora. I hope you get a chance to read Severed Trust.

  26. mountain range setting

    • Hi, Jane. Nice to see you entering.

  27. I love Oregon City and its rich history as end of the Oregon Trail, if the wagon train took the Barlow Cutoff.

    • Waving hi to you, Lena.

  28. Subscriber and I like your FB page. I would have to say the mountain range.


    • Thanks, Sarah. I’ve got you down.

  29. I would love to read about the coast. vanessasvalues at hotmail dot com

    • Thanks for stopping by, Vanessa.

  30. mountains! I always enjoy being in or near mountains and the quiet they can bring and beautiful nature as well!

    • I just realized you wanted us to choose from the 3 options you wrote about. Oops. Sorry. i would say the mountains.

    • I’m with you about mountains, especially with a stream nearby.

  31. I would love to read something about the painted desert – mystery – past people’s ghosts – beautiful area.
    crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  32. I liked your facebook page and signed up for your newsletter … and wrote this series on my to get list.
    crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

    • Thanks, Debra.

  33. I’m not real familiar with Oregon, but I would say somewhere that is not a highly populated area…something with nature.

    • When I go on vacation, I like to go to the less populated places, Sara.

  34. Love all the settings you mentioned, however, I think I would choose Mountain setting.

  35. Margaret, I have liked your FB page for awhile now and I believe I am already subscribed to your newsletter under kbmceuen at yahoo dot com.

    • Thanks, Brittany.

  36. I would like to read about all of the settings starting with the falls. I am already a facebook fan and a subscriber to your newsletter

    • Thanks, Jan.

  37. The Oregon Coast – it is just so beautiful! I friend requested you on FB, and signed up for your newsletter. Lovelybrowneyes84(at)gmail(dot)com

    • I agree, Halita about the coast. Thanks.

  38. I like the setting of the coast the best. It seems like a beautiful setting, but not quite as intense/scary/dangerous of a location as the waterfall.
    ~ J:-)mi aka CTF Devourer
    egilkinc @ juno.com

    • Jamie, thanks for stopping by.

  39. Mountain Ranges! I love mountains.

    • Thanks, Shirley.

  40. I’ve never seen the ocean, so I’d like a setting w/ the ocean…and the mountains too!
    I requested to be your friend on Facebook!

    • Barb, love the ocean. I hope you get to see it.

  41. Mountain ranges! Just something so thrilling, so open, yet so close to home about them

    • Thanks, Santina.

  42. I love Oregon. The scenery. The history. I’d have to say I love The Dalles area the most. From the long winding canyon (name escapes me, but I think it started with an L) all the way through The Dalles region, all along the Columbia River, and beautiful Portland. Oh I could go on, but it is one of the most beautiful places. Thanks for the memories.

    • Mrs. Hill, you’ve sold me on Oregon.

  43. I would love to see any of the settings but especially the watrfall and coast. I signed up for newsletter and I am a fan on facebook. I had to leave the computer for a minute and could not see what I had written so have written again. I appologize if this is a duplicate.

    wwchildren at gmail dot com

    • Thanks, Wilani. I’ve done that, too.

  44. I used to live in Oregon, but never visited the desert. I love the Oregon Coast , so I would read a book set there.

    • Beth, I never thought of Oregon having a desert. I learned something.

  45. I look forward to the desert setting coming in your next book. It looks so beautiful. I am already a friend on FB and subscribe to your news. Love to win! sharon, ca

    • Thanks, Sharon.

  46. liked Facebook page and I am signed up for your newsletter.
    the Mountains.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.

    • I appreciate it, Emma.

  47. I think the Cascade Mountains would make a good setting. I would like to see them myself one day.
    I signed up for the newsletter.
    Thanks for hosting the hunt and giveaway.
    bookworm0709 at yahoo dot com

    • You’re welcome, Betsy.

  48. Love the Oregon coast! Just spent time in Cannon Beach. Loved it!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Vicky.

  49. The mountains are my favorite, but the ocean runs a close second!

    • I agree, Rose.

  50. I would love to read about the coast. I think the beach and ocean make a beautiful setting.

    I also liked your Facebook page 🙂

    coversandink (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Thanks, Jillian.

  51. Oh I would LOVE to win a copy of SEVERED TRUST Margaret! 🙂

    In answer to Susan’t question, probably Mt. Hood because my niece and nephew live in Sandy, Oregon near the base of Mt. Hood and I’ve heard wonderful things about it, I’ve seen it (once) but never ‘visited’.

    I am a Facebook Fan and I receive your newsletter. 🙂

    😀 Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

    • It’s nice to see you here, Cindy. Thanks!

  52. I like to read with the Red mountains as the setting. I like you already and I get newsletters. Love reading both your books!

    • Thanks, Jennifer.

  53. I would like to read a book set in any of these settings, I love God’s diversity in His creation. If I did have to pick one, I guess my eyes were most drawn to the lushness of the mountain picture.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Claudia.

  54. Oh my definitely the desert because I have never seen anything like that! So beautiful, well really all of them are! I also liked you on FB!
    Email: sylvesternator at yahoo dot com (no spaces)

    • Thanks, Laura.

  55. I would like to read about Bend, OR where my mother-in-law lived until a couple years ago. I’m a friend on facebook.

    • Jen, I’ve never heard of Bend, OR. Is it on a river bend?

      • I like the mountains. Many different scenarios you could write, especially in a suspense novel. I’m already a newsletter subscriber and already liked your Facebook page. Thank you for having a giveaway.

  56. I would love to read about something set in and around Portland because that’s one of my favorite cities in Oregon.

    I’ve liked your Facebook page.

    • I’d love to visit Portland, Chelsea.

  57. I love the mountains and of course the falls. I really am not familiar with Oregon at all, but I love anything set in the mountains. I love the imagery authors can use to bring the reader into the story. It helps me get lost in the story.

    • Thanks, Katrina.

  58. I think #1, since I’m from Texas I don’t see any snow, ever. 😉
    Zoegirlfan @ att . net

    • You must live in south Texas, Lindsey. I love snow for about a day and never on the roads.

  59. I would chose Multomah Falls. How beautiful! Would love to see it in person (in S. FL). I signed up for your newsletter and requested you as a friend on FB. This is so fun, connecting with people I admire so very much. I have read lots of your work. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks, Chris. This scavenger hunt has been fun.

  60. I am an email subscriber and liked your FB page.

    • Thanks, Pam. I’ve got you entered.

  61. Although I’ve never been to Oregon…I really want to, just haven’t got there yet, I think I would go with ocean settings! Thanks, Margarer. I’m a friend on Facebook and get your newsletter

    • Thanks, Marianne.

  62. I would like the setting to be at Crater Lake National Park with a fall/winter setting.

    • Oh, that sounds wonderful, Kai.

  63. I think I would choose Multnomah Falls as the setting for the book, although the Painted Desert would be good as well.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Karen.

  64. any setting; care more about the story
    think I already signed up for newsletter

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    • Thanks, bn100.

  65. I like the waterfall It is the perfect back drop bri54@verizon.net

    • Brian, I can think of a lot of suspense with a waterfall.

  66. I would like to read about the Oregon Coast. I live by the Northeast coast so I would love to read about a Pacific Northwest setting.

    • Merry, thanks for stopping by.

  67. I would pick Multnomah Falls…it looks breathtaking! So beautiful…one of God’s marvelous creations!

    (I liked your Facebook page and I tried to sign-up for your newsletter, but I’m not sure if it submitted by name and email.)

    Colby dot Wilmoth at g dot uky dot edu

    • Colby, thanks. Sometimes it goes through on my newsletter but doesn’t show you it did.

  68. Mountains for me! There’s a special feeling about being in the woods.

    • I know what you mean. I don’t know why but I love being in a forest and looking at all the trees.

  69. Liked your facebook page and tried to subscribe to the newsletter but the widget isn’t working… please add me as colorvibrant[at]hotmail[dot]com if you can 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me know, Heidi.

  70. the setting i would like to read about is the miracles that God did for the first settlers in Oregon. Does not matter where……just wherever they first settled

    • Thanks, Barbara.

  71. I would like to read about the ocean with the cliffs.I sent you a friend request on facebook.Thanks jackie_tessnair@yahoo.com

    • Thanks, Jackie.

  72. i’d go with mountains.
    i tried to subscribe to your newsletter but it wouldn’t do anything

    • Thanks, Angela. It often goes through but doesn’t appear to.

  73. Hi Margaret, It has been fun seeing so many authors here at the “Hunt” thanks for info on Susan and her books.
    Love reading your books and she is new author for me.
    Paula O

    • Thanks, Paula, for stopping by.

  74. Any Oregon setting as I’ve never been to the state. Beautiful pictures. huletthouse at mchsi dot com

    • Thanks, Kim.

  75. 🙂 Happy reading day all! 😉

    • I’m with you on that, Nat.

  76. The rocky coast is my favourite! I love the ocean!
    I am a Facebook fan and subscribe to your newsletter! Can’t wait to read book 4 such a good series! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa. I hope you get to read Severed Trust.

  77. I’m writing a short story for girls I mentor and we chose Boardman, Oregon because it coincides with the town we live in, Boardman, Ohio. The research I’ve done is breathtaking. I’d love to read about the area.

    Interested in the contest, loving the hunt.

    juliearduini at juliearduini dot com

    • Thanks, Julie.

  78. I would go with the rugged coast. I love the coast! But I would also like to read about Multnomah Falls in “The Christmas Witness” since I have been to that falls. I have requested to be your friend on Facebook and signed up for your newsletter.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Elaine.

  79. The rugged coast. It is so beautiful and has an air of mystery and romance.

    • Great location for a suspense, Deanna.

  80. I love the rocky coast! I love water 🙂
    I am a canon Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter 🙂

  81. Mountains! liked you on face book newsletter doesn’t work

    • Thanks, Jackie. I changed the link and it should work now.

  82. I think I am already signed up for your newsletter, but when I tried to check today, I could not get the Submit button to work. You were one of my first Likes on Facebook, so that is taken care of as well. I LOVE the Oregon pictures Susan added! It would be hard for me to pick the best place, because I love running water and waterfalls, but those Painted Hills are so exquisite, and I remember the wild coastline from the time I traveled from San Diego to Washington state. I only have book number one in The Men of Texas Rangers series, and I am trying so desperately to catch up, so I would LOVE to win on of the other three books!!

    • Thanks, Susan. I’ve got you in the drawing. Hope you can read the rest of the series.

  83. I have to agree with you about the rugged, rock covered coast, however, I’d like to see what you come up with in the Painted Hills! It would have to be a mystery no doubt. This Scavenger Hunt has been so much fun, thank you for being a part of it!

    • Rugged + rocky=suspense. Thanks, Shirley.

  84. Would love to receive your newsletter.

    • Wanda, you have to sign up for the newsletter on my blog (righthand side).

  85. Wow, so many places to choose from. Multnomah Falls and the old highway that goes along up there is so pretty. Also, pioneer stories like along the Oregon Trail are cool. And eastern Oregon (and Washington) have lots of small towns and unpopulated areas in which I could easily see one of your stories set.

    • Thanks, Gabrielle.

  86. I just liked your facebook page. I would love to be entered into the contest. Thanks! Stacey.zink (at) gmail (dot) com

    • I’ve got you in the contest, Stacey.

  87. I think either the beach or the desert would make a good place for writings. Would love to win one of your books.

    • Thanks, Brenda.

  88. I like the waterfall setting. I have “liked” you Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.
    susanmsj at msn dot com

    • Thanks, Susan, for stopping by.

  89. Painted Hills. Your pictures of all 3 settings are outstanding! Thanks!

    • Thanks, Mary.

  90. I’d love to read about the Painted Hills…until reading this post, I never knew they existed in Oregon! 🙂

    • Neither did I, Jay.

  91. It’s hard to choose a setting but I love the mountains/waterfalls. Those spots in are so beautiful. kawaii dot katers at gmail

    • Thanks for your choice.

  92. I love to visit the Pacific Northwest and would enjoy reading stories that take place in the Portland area. I’m hoping to visit Multnomah Falls one day, so reading about that setting would be fun! I liked your facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

    • I appreciate it, Linda.

  93. I think Multnomah Falls is beautiful and I loved the bridge right next to it!

    • So do I, Angie.

  94. I would love to be entered in your drawing. I just liked your Facebook page. The setting I’d most like to read about would be the desert–so much room for a great story there.

    • Thanks, Amy.

  95. Oh, they are all such beautiful settings! I love dramatic mountain range settings!!

    Thank you for your participation in the scavenger hunt! I am a fan and a newsletter subscriber!

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

    • Good to see you doing the hunt, Britney.

  96. I would have to say Multnomah Falls. As I am sure all of the would make great stories, this place would be the most interesting I think.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I liked you on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter

    • Thanks, Robyn.

  97. Hi Margaret. I’m a big fan of mountains because I lived in Denver as a child back in the late ’50’s and we visited the mountains often; so I’d love to a book set there. I sent you a friend request on Facebook and tried to sign up for your newsletter but nothing happened when I clicked on the submit button though there is a chance I’ve already subscribed.

    • Molly, I’m a big fan of mountains, too.

  98. Anywhere in Oregon. I’ve never been there but love to read stories about it.

    • I haven’t either, Teresa. Hope to visit one day.

  99. Lived in southwest Washington and loved traveling to the Oregon coast and can see many of the coastal areas being a great setting for a novel.

    • Thanks, Beth

  100. I love the Oregon coastline. It’s so beautiful there!

    • Sharly, I hope to see it one day.

  101. I would say the Falls. I just love waterfalls, and the ones you pictured are just breathtaking.

    • I agree–breathtaking, Mallori.

  102. The Painted Hills look like an inspirational place to write about! I love nature myself – but then again, Multnomah Falls are also beautiful. I lived I AZ for 12 years and there too you can drive as little as 2 hours from the city any end up in a different climate or landscape.

    • Thanks, Wendi.

  103. Oregon is a beautiful state with so much to see it is hard to pick one area, but I think I would pick Multnomah Falls. I’ve been near there in my travels, but I would love to visit and if not in person a book is great!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Claudia.

  104. I’d like to read about Multnomah Falls. I went there in college and it was beautiful.

    • Thanks, Heather.

  105. I would say the mountains its just somethign about that setting that makes christian romance novels so romantic or suspense novels so suspenseful!! either way you can never go wrong with a mountain setting

    • I love the mountains as a setting, Litany.

  106. I also liked your facebook authors page (litany prayerofhope hope) and signed up for newsletter businesschef08 @gmail

  107. I think mountains–thank you for the chance to win a copy of one of your books!

    • Thanks, Karen.

  108. I’d love to read about the waterfalls. 🙂 I love waterfalls! They’re beautiful, and I love the rainbows that sometimes show up. 😀

    • Thanks, Rachel.

  109. Oregon desert or maybe the Steens Mountains.

    • Never heard of those mountains, Gins.

  110. I think you should write a book that includes all three settings – then we don’t have to pick just one. 😀

    • Good idea, Kelly.

  111. Thank you so much for the Scavenger Hunt and for the giveaway.

    I tried to put my email in your newsletter subscription and it did nothing probably because I subscribed last year or the year before.

    I also have you as a friend on facebook, again thank you for the scavenger hunt!

    I love the mountains and love Crater Lake. But I have to tell you the ocean is beautiful too. But I think Crater Lake would be ideal.

    • Thanks, Glenda. If you already subscribed, it won’t take it.

  112. I am not seeing my comments so I am going to re-enter them ~ I would like stories around the John Day River in Oregon because of the struggles and stories that abound. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

    I am a friend follower on Facebook on your page
    I am a subscriber to your newsletter

    • Nice to see you doing the Scavenger Hunt, Kathleen (that’s the name of my current book I’m writing).

  113. Oh my, all of the settings are so beautiful! It’s hard to pick just one. But I love the mountains and I think Oregon would be a wonderful place to set a story. Thank you Margaret and Susan for being a part of the Scavenger Hunt! 🙂


    • You’re welcome, Angi.

  114. Multnomah Falls looks so beautiful and I can imagine the view from the bridge.

    • So can I, Dorie.

  115. I would pick the painted hills. I think that would be something different. Tho, I love the settings for Multnomah falls and the rocky coast as well.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Amy.

  116. Hi Margaret!
    It would be interesting to read something set in what’s left of Mt. Saint Helen’s. Not sure if anyone has done anything like that, though or maybe before the volcano?

    • That would be interesting, Marcia.

  117. I would love to see a setting in the Painted Hills for something different. I would like any place in Oregon tho, it is so beautiful. I signed up for your newsletter and liked your facebook page.

  118. Multomah Falls because my son-in-law is from Portland! It’s not letting me like you on FB but I signed up for the newsletter.

    • Thanks, Joan. I changed the FB link. Now it works.

  119. I’m scared of mountains, so I’ll go with the desert. I love heat! Not sure if the newsletter link was working. My email is jclements69@outlook.com. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Jeana.

  120. I love the sea, so the coast of Oregon would be great for a setting. I liked your Facebook page and signed up for the newsletter! Thanks!

  121. Would love to see a story set on the coastline, featuring one of Oregon’s beautiful lighthouses.

  122. I’d like to read about the mountains as a setting because my husband and I both enjoy the mountains in TN. We’ve vacationed there for 30+ years. I find mountains both awe inspiring and yet mysterious.

  123. hello, Thanks for joining the Scavenger Hunt.. The painted hills look beautiful. I think that would be a great setting for the book, especially for someone like me , who has never been to Oregon, so I could learn more about the beauty in the state.

    Thanks. 🙂

    • Christy, you’re welcome.

  124. Love this adventure and learning about all the different authors out there

    • Isn’t it fun!!

  125. I like the dessert part of oregon especially the painted hills,,,, It gives a different aura than the trditional mountains or falls I’m sure you will find a way to use it bri54@verizon.net

    • Thanks, Brian.

  126. Hi Margaret. Enjoyed this introduction to Susan. The answer to her question would be the sand hills. I think that is interesting. And, I have already liked you on FB. I tried to sign for your newsletter just in case I haven’t already and it wouldn’t submit. I would love to win one of your books. This Scavenger Hunt has been fun. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

    • Maxie, I think they are interesting, too.

  127. I joined your newsletter, but wasn’t able to get to your facebook page from this site (and I am using Safari)…will keep trying. You need to set a book either in Ashland, Oregon (I live about 30 minutes south of there) or at Crater Lake National Park! chendryx at nctv dot come

    • Thanks, Connie. I changed the FB link. It works now.

  128. Thanks, Margaret and Susan! I recall a childhood trip when we drove through Oregon, and I remember the beautiful green forests–that would be fun to revisit in a story! Thanks for the fun!

    fedora at gmail dot com

    • You’re welcome, flchen1.

  129. My favorite setting would mountain ranges, I just love them. I liked you Facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter (lovetoread205). Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    • Thanks, Megan. I appreciate it.

  130. Forgot to leave my email: lovetoread205 (at) gmail (dot) com

  131. I live by the water, so I love books that feature water and the coast.

    • I love the water and living near it, Ka.

  132. Wow! The cover of your book… I can see what you mean about dangerous settings and suspenseful stories! That cover absolutely makes me believe it 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah.

  133. I believe I already receive your newsletter, and I requested to be your FB friend – hopefully on the correct page.
    I think the desert would be a fabulous place for a story, but I must say, having lived in Colorado, that stories in the mountains always get my attention…lol

    bettimace at gmail dot com

    • Thanks, Betti. I appreciate it.

  134. I’d say the coastline. Seaside romances are always appealing.

    • I’m with you on that, Paul.

  135. Mountains……I adore the mountains in real-life and LOVE reading stories set in the mountains. They can bring hardship, beauty, separation, suspense, and romance to any novel. I Liked your page on Facebook and Signed up for the Newsletter. Hoping to win…your books sounds great!!!!

    • Thanks, Kaycie. I have special contests for my newsletter readers.

  136. Hi I like you on fb and subscribe to your newsletter, thank you for this chance 🙂

    • Thank you, Darci.

  137. I would love to read more book with Multnomah Falls in the story. It is beautiful & I hope to visit one day!

    • So do I, Becky.

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    • Thanks, Kim. I appreciate it.

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Michelle.

  140. I Love waterfalls!! Nothing sets the mood for me like a waterfall. 🙂
    Thanks for doing this scavenger hunt.
    Rachel Crist
    thecrist5 @ yahoo dot com

    • Rachel, waterfalls are beautiful and the crashing sound of the water is neat.

  141. I lived in Oregon for several years and love all of those gorgeous settings, but if I had to pick one it would be Multnomah Falls–that does look like a dramatic place for a rescue! I’ve also liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for participating in the fall scavenger hunt and for the bonus giveaway! danandlyndaedwards[at]msn[dot]com.

    • You’re welcome, Lynda.

  142. I live in Oregon and I think the mountains make wonderful scenes for books.

    • Thanks, Rebecca.

  143. I would like to read about the waterfalls. They are so pretty but the adventure and suspense are also so intriguing. I liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for the contest!!

    • Thanks, Kate, stopping by.

  144. I spent 14 years in the Coquille and Bandon-by-the-Sea area on the south coast and the are my favorite. Truthfully, you cannot go wrong with any Oregon setting. The state is so diverse and beautiful that anywhere from the Rogue River to Bend and beyond can be used as the backdrop for a great story.

    • Tracie, you’ve sold me on Oregon.

  145. I love the mountains especially in the spring and fall. Also, I enjoy them when there’s a little snow.

    I’m already a newsletter subscriber and I’ve already like your Facebook page. Thank you for having a giveaway.

    • You’re welcome, Barbara.

  146. I would love any story set on the Oregon coast…perhaps a quaint restaurant a favorite of the locals. I love Margaret’s stories about the Texas Rangers. I think they have always been unsung heroes. Thanks for participating in the scavenger hunt and introducing us to new authors and opportunities to win books and prizes.

    • Susan, I agree about the Texas Rangers.

  147. I would love to read about the many different mountain ranges you talked about because I love the mountains and being in the woods. So beautiful!

    • Thanks, Polly.

  148. I was born and raised in Oregon, so I love it’s beauty. I lean towards the mountains or the rugged coastline for a story setting.
    I’m a subscriber.
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

    • Thanks, Merry, for stopping by and participating in the hunt.

  149. Following you on facebook. My emmail addy is mama.mudbug7 at gmail dot com.

    I would be most interested in the mountain region of Oregon. Down here by the Gulf we don’t have many mountains 😉

    • I grew up on the Gulf–flat, Krystal.

  150. Which setting would you like to read about in Oregon and why – I would like to see one set along the coast. As a Floridian, the coastline stories are always the best to me.

    Bonus – I “liked” your Facebook page.
    Bonue – I tried to subscribe to your newsletter but it wouldn’t let me click “subscribe”. If you want to add me, please do.

    • Thanks, Rick.

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    • Thanks, Lisa.

  152. I live close to Vancouver, WA and love the lush green landscape. I think a novel set near Mt. St. Helens would be interesting as the landscape there is so breathtaking. There are numerous trails, lakes and unusual aspects (caves, etc.). I would love to read your novel set in the Painted Hills as it is something I’m not familiar with and find it quite beautiful.
    I liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for sharing your love of the Pacific Northwest.

    • Thanks. Judy. I think the Painted Hills look beautiful.

  153. I would most like to read about the Oregon coast. I have had a fascination with the sea since I was 3 or 4 years old. I finally saw the ocean when I was 20, Ilwaco Washington and Astoria Oregon. It was everything I had thought it would be. I wish I could have spent more than just one afternoon there. Maybe that’s why I like coastal settings in books, I can spend more time there even if only through fiction.

    Thank you for taking part in the Scavenger hunt and hosting a giveaway.

    Jasmine A.

    P.S. I already Liked your Facebook page and already Signed up for your Newsletter.

    • You’re welcome, Jasmine.

  154. Oops.. Should have added my email address just in case. It’s montanamade(at)gmail(dot)com

  155. I like the coast as a setting!

    I liked your page on fb!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Thanks, Allison, for stopping by.

  156. I live in Oregon so I think all of it is beautiful! But I have to say the Oregon Coast is my favorite place to be! I am already a fan of your facebook page.

  157. It is really hard to choose. I grew up just across the river from Portland (in WA) and spent most of my childhood exploring Oregon since my parents are native Oregonians. My favorite place on earth is the Oregon Coast (Canon Beach, the Sea Lion Caves, Astoria, the sand dunes in Florence, etc.), but I really LOVE the gorge as well. The water falls are breathtaking and I always loved going across the bridge of the gods as a kid.

  158. JoElle, how much fun that is to live there.

  159. I would love to read about the Oregon mountain ranges with falls, I’ve always thought waterfalls look so beautiful! 🙂 Also, i signed up for the newsletter. Thanks!

  160. Dawnm89us at yahoo dot com

    I look forward to reading your books.

  161. I would love to read anything about Oregon. I have a picture in my mind of a land of rugged terrain matched by rugged people, and would be interested to know if my thoughts are correct. I will sign up for your newsletter. And I believe I am a fan on FB already.

  162. I think I would like a desert setting simply because I have not read many stories from that setting and also the painted desert theme looks pretty as well as seems it could be mysterious.

  163. I took my time trying to figure out which location I would like to see a romantic suspense novel set in. My conclusion was that the waterfall would be very beautiful and romantic. The danger would tend to catch you by surprise and that in and of itself would add some nice shock factor into the story.

    I went to “like” your Facebook page and sign up for your newsletter. I found that I have already done both of those items. Probably during the last Scavenger Hunt. These are so much fun to go on. Thanks for being a part of it.

  164. I’d like to read about Baker City~anything from you,though!

  165. I lived in Oregon for a few years, and I still have family there. Since it is kind of like “home” for me, any of those settings are great. With that said, I have special memories of Multnomah Falls, so that would probably be my favorite!

    I “like” you on FB and subscribe to you newsletter. Thanks for participating in this Scavenger Hunt and offering the giveaways!

  166. I would love to read a book with the Oregon Coast as the setting. I visited the coast about 18 months ago and it was beautiful! It also seemed to be the perfect temperature for me (June in the 50 to 65 range).

    thejorns at gmail dot com

  167. I love the cliffs/rocks as well as the painted desert settings! They are just beautiful scenes and it seems like there could be such adventure there! I like you on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter. I would love to win one of your books!!

  168. I would love to read about the Oregon Coast. We visited there a few years ago and it’s beautiful!

  169. It would have to be the mountains. 🙂

  170. I vote mountains!

  171. I love the sound of all those settings. There are just so many possibilities it’s hard to choose just one. I guess I will go with the painted desert since it is a little more unusual than the other two settings at least to me since I haven’t read a lot about the desert.

  172. Since I am not very familiar with Oregon I don’t really know where I would like to read about. 🙂 Anywhere would do for me as long as it is a good story.

    I liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter

    mj gl mills at yahoo dot com

  173. Well, I’ve never been to Oregon so I would take any place!!!

  174. I like the cliffs and rocks. With a gloom in the day and sound of crashing water always intensifies mystery! 🙂

  175. I liked your FB page. I have been reading you for several years. I am not very familiar with Oregon, but had an uncle who lived there several years for his health. Anything with the river or coast would be great. lisajcowell@cs.com

  176. I would have to go with the Oregon Coast…it sounds so beautiful! I also liked your FB page–I loved the Severed Trust book!! Also I signed up for your updates.

  177. Ooh the Painted Hills are beautiful! I’d definitely read about them. I had no idea Oregon had so many different landscapes to offer!

  178. I have added all three to my list of places to visit. That list is quite long. I think of the three I would choose the Oregon coast. My mom has visited there three times and, since she rarely visits a place more than once, that is high praise indeed.


  179. I love a mountain setting. It just breathes mystery and suspense to me. I can really picture a tense scene on the bridge pictured. I liked you on Facebook and tried to sign up for your newsletter, but it didn’t seem like it registered. I hope it did! I’d love to get news of what’s coming up next for you. Thanks! lauralvn3@yahoo.com

  180. I think I left my email, I was so tired after work, I’m not sure if I did or not. Here it is again – they say you can’t win if you don’t play!

  181. I love reading books set on the Oregon coast. I love the unique beauty where pine trees meet ocean, and it’s one place I hope to visit very soon.

  182. the book you have on your sie are great looking and the info is net i love to read and blog on books i try to read up to 4 week

  183. I would love to read about a rescue at Multnomah Falls. I lived in Portland for 7 years and visited the Falls several times. It is indeed gorgeous! And I signed up for your newsletter. Melodi@net-venture.com

  184. I really enjoy snowy mountain range settings. I love mountains! Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of suspense to go along with them? I also “liked” you on facebook. 🙂

  185. It would be lovely to read about a story in the mountains. Or maybe even near the beach…

  186. Sorry if this posts twice. I’ve been having trouble tonight! Although I’ve visited all three Oregon sites and all are breathtaking, I think I would like to read about the painted hills in the high desert because they are so unique and rugged. (Crater Lake is awfully pretty, too, as are all the forests and mountain passes. So much beauty and variety in one state!) I also signed up for your newsletter and liked your Facebook page. Thanks! jmsfarmgirl at hotmail dot com.

  187. I tried to sign up for your newsletter but it won’t go through. I did like your facebook page.


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