This week Charlotte Carter, Ramona Richards and Barbara Phinney

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Congratulations to bn100 for winning Ruth Axtell’s Moonlight Masquerade, to Karen for winning DiAnn Mills’ The Survivor, and to Merry for winning Amanda Flower’s A Plain Scandal: An Appleseed Creek Mystery.

This week I’m hosting Charlotte Carter with Home to Montana, Ramona Richards with Memory of Murder and Barbara Phinney with Bound to the Warrior (for the contest she will giveaway a copy of an ebook for Deadly Trust, romantic suspense). If you want to enter the drawings for the books, please leave a comment on one of the post during the week with your email address. I will not enter you without an email address (my way to contact you if you win). If you don’t want to leave an email address, another way you can enter is to email me at The drawings end Sunday (March 25th) evening. 

March 22-24 I will be apart of the Spring Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. The starting place will be at: on March 22nd. This will be an opportunity to win books and prizes.

Home to Montana CoverBio for Charlotte Carter:

A multi-published author of more than fifty romance, cozy mystery and inspirational titles, Charlotte Carter lives in Southern California with her husband of 50 years. They have two married daughters and five grandchildren. When she’s not writing, Charlotte does a little stand-up comedy, G-Rated Humor for Grownups, and teaches workshops on the craft of writing.

Blurb for Home to Montana, by Charlotte Carter, Love Inspired:

Staying in one place was never Nick Carbini’s plan. When his troubled past leads him to Bear Lake, Montana, single mom Alisa Machak makes him consider putting down roots. Alisa doesn’t have a problem letting Nick work in her diner, but when he starts edging his way into her heart, she has to draw the line. He reminds her too much of her son’s father, another drifter who abandoned them both. Nick wishes he could there for them, but believes he’s not fit to be a husband. When his worst fears come true one night, it’s up to Alisa to show him the perfect recipe for a forever romance.

Memory of Murder FrontBio for Ramona Richards:

Ramona Richards, fiction acquisitions editor for Abingdon Press, started making stuff up at 3, writing it down at 7, and selling it at 18. She’s been annoying editors ever since, which is probably why she became one. She’s edited more than 400 publications, including novels, CD-ROMs, magazines, non-fiction, children’s books, Bibles, and study guides. Ramona has worked with such publishers as Thomas Nelson, Barbour, Howard, Harlequin, Ideals, and many others. The author of 9 books and an avid live music fan, Ramona loves living in the ongoing street party that is Nashville. 

Blurb for Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards:

A botched kidnapping leave both Lindsey Presley and Deputy Jeff Gage injured—and with the lingering question: “Why does someone want Lindsey dead?” When evidence from the kidnapping leads nowhere, they dig deeper . . . into memories from her childhood Lindsey would prefer never to remember. Memories of an unsolved murder—a cold case they must solve if they want to keep Lindsey alive.

BarbaraPhinney_DeadlyTrust_200pxBio for Barbara Phinney:

Barbara Phinney retired from the military to raise her two children and soon turned her creativity toward writing. That’s when she asked herself, what was the hardest genre to write? Romance. Nearly twenty years later, she’s published in that genre, going on to final in several contests and take the plunge into the self-publishing pool, with Deadly Trust, set in the shadow of the bridge to Prince Edward Island, on the warm beaches that inspire her. Barbara lives in Eastern Canada with her husband, several barn cats and some chickens. Her own brood has flown the coop.

She also writes sci-fi romances under the name of Georgina Lee.

Blurb for Deadly Trust by Barbara Phinney:

When Anna LaBonte’s estranged husband is found murdered, she becomes the main suspect. Only one person is willing to help her, her mysterious new neighbor, Brent Stirling. Brent knows the only reason he’s helping Anna is to ease the festering guilt inside of him. But when the events turn personal, and he finds himself falling for Anna, Brent knows he can’t walk away. Brent learns the police officer in charge wants to keep his perfect record, and Brent suspects that it will be at Anna’s expense. He can’t allow Anna to take the fall here. But if he helps her, he risks Anna learning the truth about his arrival. If he walks away, he abandons all chances for happiness for both of them. Either way, one thing is clear. His scars are visible, hers are not, but these mementos may kill them both. 

Blurb for Bound to the Warrior by Barbara Phinney:

A Heart Unconquered

Widowed Saxon Lady Ediva Dunmow will do anything to protect her people—even marry one of the invading Norman knights. The king sees it as a way to keep Ediva, her lands and her tenants subdued. But Ediva’s embittered heart, still healing from the abuse of her first husband, will not yield so easily.

Marriage never held any appeal for Adrien de Ries. Yet it is his king’s will, and perhaps his Lord’s, too—though he finds his faith tested daily by Ediva’s staunch refusal to trust him. As a knight, Adrien survived many battles, but the fight to win Ediva’s heart may be his most challenging—and rewarding.