Hero Interview from Joe the Dreamer: the Castle and the Catapult by A. B. Brownell

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Joe the dreamer coverInterview with the hero from Joe the Dreamer: the Castle and the Catapult by A. B. Brownell:

Margaret:  Joe Baker, for a 14-year-old, you seem to have many challenges. Tell me the most interesting thing about you.

Joe: I don’t know if I’d say it’s that’s the way I would say it, but my parents are missing and I and my little sister may be in danger, too. And now my dad’s old boss is saying Pop stole a valuable computer program for a brain chip to control epilepsy. My dad created that program at home on his own time. But I can’t prove it. Mom and Pop disappeared and haven’t come back. That’s why I’ve been reading the Bible, praying, and hoping God answers prayer. In my dreams I become Bible characters, though, and I wake up shouting or yelling so now my uncle believes I have a mental illness like post-traumatic stress syndrome. His psychiatrist friend thinks I might need to go to the state mental hospital’s juvenile unit.

Margaret:  Surely you have some good things happening. What do you do for fun?

Joe: Friends come over. We shoot hoops, plays football, go bowling, tubing, on the natural water slide in the mountains. The water slide is where I noticed the castle and my friends and I think they’re using prisoners there to build a wall. I joined a Christian gang that tries to prevent and solve crimes with things like water, sand, marbles, rope, noise and a pet skunk instead of blades or bullets, and they’re going to try to help me find my parents.

Margaret:  What do you put off doing because you dread it?

Joe:  I tried to put off calling my uncle and going to his house to live, but the police and my friend Pete’s dad insisted. I hate going to appointments with that psychiatrist. How can reading the Bible and talking in your sleep make you crazy?

Margaret: What are you afraid of most in life?

Joe: That my parents are dead.

Margaret:  What do you want out of life?

Joe:  That my parents will be back and everything will be like it used to be. Then I could dream of using my music, attending a great college, marrying somebody like my friend Pete’s twin sister, Petra.

Margaret:  What is the most important thing to you?

Joe:  Right now, I can’t see beyond today, looking for Mom and Pop and trying to keep that Gorilla-like man that broke into our house away from me. I’m sort of confused. One day I think I have faith, and the next I’m doubting.

Margaret:  Do you read books? If so, what is your favorite type of book?

Joe: I don’t like fantasy, wizards, or weird stuff, although I do like C.S. Lewis. I loved Gunner’s Run by Rick Barry, and although its way out there, I liked Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti.

Margaret: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Joe: My parents wouldn’t be missing.

Margaret: Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet?

Joe: We have a Black Lab dog named Hefley, and we chose him because he’s the greatest dog ever. He has a great heart, trained easily, and I think he’d give his life for us. He was injured when the man broke into the house the night my parents disappeared and stole my computer.

Margaret: If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

Joe: I’d go back to earth’s beginning and ask God if I could watch him make the universe, people, all the animals, sea creatures, birds. And I’d ask why He loves us so much.