Excerpt from Sadie’s Prize by Margaret Daley

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Bachelor number forty-six: Andrew Knight, 37, is a senior vice president of International Foods. When not working, he likes to play golf and read. With black hair and gray eyes he is any woman’s idea of a dream date, especially the one he plans: dinner at Maison Blanche followed by a concert on the lawn of Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa.

Sadie Spencer read the description in the catalog, then looked at the man who was number forty-six. He stood on the platform in a black tuxedo that fit him perfectly. Made for him, she decided as her gaze traveled up his tall length to rest on his face, sculpted in clean, strong lines. She had to agree with the catalog’s description. He did inspire dreams.

”The opening bid for our next bachelor offered on the auction block tonight is two hundred dollars. Do I hear two twenty-five?”

“Two hundred twenty-five,” a distinguished-looking woman in the front row shouted.

”I thought you wanted to bid on him,” Carol West whispered to Sadie.

Her friend’s urgent words focused Sadie on her mission. “Four hundred dollars.”

Everyone turned toward Sadie, and for a few seconds silence reigned in the hotel banquet room. Leaning against the back wall, she shifted from one foot to the other, her throat suddenly very dry. The room seemed unusually hot.

“Sadie, are you crazy? I don’t know why I even bother asking. Of course, you are.” Carol’s astonishment, mixed with her exasperation, was evident in her round eyes and furrowed brow.

“It’s for a good cause–fifteen good causes, in fact,” Sadie whispered, never taking her gaze off number forty-six. “I’ve got to have him.”

“Four hundred fifty,” the distinguished looking woman countered, shooting Sadie a look of determination.

“Five hundred,” she returned, mentally calculating how much she could bid and still have enough for the next month’s rent. She really hadn’t thought the bid would go so high, but she wasn’t going to give in when she was so close to her goal.

“Five twenty-five.”

Sadie turned to Carol. “Will you loan me fifty? I’ve been trying for two months to get past his administrative assistant. I’m a desperate woman. When I saw his name on the list of bachelors for this auction, I knew the was the chance I’d been looking for. I know my plan will work. Please, Carol.”

With a deep sigh her friend nodded.

“Five hundred fifty,” Sadie said, aware all eyes were on her, including Andrew Knight’s. His cool regard trapped her, momentarily wiping all reason from her mind. She tried to ignore the tingling sensation that streaked up her spine but she couldn’t. Sweat broke out on her upper lip. She resisted the urge to wipe away the sign of her nervousness while he watched.

Determinedly she pulled her gaze from him. With a willpower she was beginning to think she’d lost, Sadie fixed her attention on the woman in the front row and silently pleaded for her to give up. She held her breath while waiting for the woman to bid again. If she did, Sadie would be forced to come up with another way to meet Andrew Knight. When the woman shook her head, Sadie relaxed her tensed shoulders.

“Five fifty once.” The auctioneer’s visual sweep of the room seemed minutes long rather than seconds. “Twice.” Another pause, Sadie was sure for dramatic effect. “Sold to the lady in red for five hundred fifty dollars.”

“I realize the man is gorgeous, but it isn’t too late to back out.” Carol’s frown was deeply in place.

“His looks are beside the point. You know why I need to…