Heroine Interview from Dead Wrong by Susan Sleeman

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This week I’m hosting  Jennifer Delamere with An Heiress at Heart, Susan Sleeman with Dead Wrong, Gail Sattler with Take the Trophy and Run, and M.K. Gilroy with Every Breath You Take.  If you want to enter the drawings for the books, please leave a comment on one of the post during the week with your email address. I will not enter you without an email address (my way to contact you if you win). If you don’t want to leave an email address, another way you can enter is to email me at margaretdaley@gmail.com. The drawings end Sunday (November 11th) evening.

Interview with the heroine from Dead Wrong by Susan Sleeman:

1. Kat (Katherine) Justice, tell me the most interesting thing about you.

I guess the most interesting thing about me is that I belong to a family of five siblings and we’re all adopted. We’ve each had some major disappointments and losses in life, but then Patricia and Robert Justice came into our lives and like a dream come true they loved us, provided for us, and made us part of a big happy family. Sadly, they were murdered a few years ago. All the siblings worked in some branch of law enforcement to honor our adoptive dad, and when they were killed, we quit our jobs to find the killer. And you know what? We never went back to our jobs, but formed the Justice Agency so we could help others in need. It’s been a great few years working together. Even if the brothers are a little bossy.

2.  What do you do for fun?

I love to spend time with my family playing games, but I also like to bake. I use my mom’s recipes and that makes me feel connected to her, you know?

3.  What do you put off doing because you dread it?

Oh, gosh, I suppose you only want one thing here. I’m bad about cleaning house. It’s so tedious and boring. I’d rather be hunting down a killer or catching a criminal than scrubbing a toilet.

4.  What are you afraid of most in life?

Honestly, though I am working through it, I still fear losing someone that I love. My birth father abused then killed my mother, and I told you about my adoptive parents. So it’s hard not to worry about it, but I recently learned how to turn that worry over to God. Some days I do fine, but the man I love is a police detective so there are times when worry still sets in.

5.  What do you want out of life?

A family. A loving, wonderful family. Besides my siblings, I want children. Three of them I think. Maybe more. I can just see Christmas mornings with all my siblings and their children, once they all get married that is, and my kids gathering together. 

6.  What is the most important thing to you?

You probably can tell from my other answers that family is the most important thing to me. When you lose those who are special to you, you learn to appreciate and cherish the people you still have in your life.

7.  Do you read? If so, what is your favorite type of book to read?

I’m a former police officer so give me a cop story where there is realism and I’m on board. Don’t give me a book where the author hasn’t researched police procedure, though. If you do, I’m apt to throw the book across the room.

8.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Well, I’d like to be taller, but that will never happen. So I’d say to stop worrying. Like I said I’m getting better at not worrying so much, but when something bad crops up, I’d like my first and only response to be to turn to God and let Him take care of it all. I’m trying.

9.  Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet?

No, I don’t have a pet. My brother Ethan’s allergic to almost all furry creatures so out of respect for him we’ve all decided not have pets in our homes. This could change when I children of my own, but we’ll have to see.

10. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

You know, I think I’d go back to when my birth mother was still alive. I’d love to be able to put my arms around her one more time, tell her how much I love her and say goodbye.



  1. Kat, your story sounds really intersting!
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

    • Kat thanks you, lol. T Best wishes in winning Double Exposure!

  2. thanks for the chance to read this novel 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Karen! Best wishes in winning Double Exposure!

  3. this sounds like a very interesting series. I’ve read several books by Susan Sleeman and she does excellent work in this genre 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Susan! I’m so glad you have enjoyed my books! Best wishes on winning Dead Wrong!!

  4. Cannot wait to read your book

  5. Cannot wait to read your book

  6. What a mix that would be with all the adoptions. I love that. DEAD WRONG looks fabulous.


  7. I love the Love Inspired Suspense line of books and would love to win Susan’s :).
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    😀 Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  8. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of Dead Wrong! It sounds interesting. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the interview. Can’t wait to read the book!

  10. This family sounds fascinating and working together would make for some interesting situations! Sound great!

  11. This sounds like it will be a great series! Love the idea of the characters being a part of a family where all 5 siblings were adopted!

    jswaks at gmail dot com

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