The Ghost of Christmas Past

» Posted on Dec 24, 2011 in Blog | Comments Off on The Ghost of Christmas Past

My husband and I were talking about some of the Christmases we’ve had in the past the other day. We began discussing some of our trips home to see my mom and family in Biloxi. Memories that can never be taken away from me. My mom would open her house on Christmas Eve to family and friends then we would go to the midnight service at church together. It was a wonderful reminder of the love God shared with us when Jesus was born.

As I decorate my Christmas tree each year, I have a walk down memory lane of Christmases past (I don’t need the ghost from Scrooge to visit me). The memories are there with every ornament I put on my tree each year. I have ones from when I was a child. I have ones my son made for me or my mom or mother-in-law. When I taught school, I had students give me ornaments. They are on the tree, too, along with the memories of those students. My husband and I often bought an ornament on our vacations so we could remember the place, the people we met and the good times we had every year while decorating our tree.

The big tree is our main tree with all those memories on it. The smaller on is the one my granddaughters decorate each year. Under all that golden garland there are ornaments they wanted to put on the their tree. Oh, and that white cat beneath their tree is Ringo. My cats love the tree. He is the one who pulled the main tree down this year, breaking three ornaments. It could have been a lot worse, but I’m thankful it wasn’t.

What memories do you have of Christmases past?

Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a wonderful, blessed day, celebrating the birth of Jesus.