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A new kind of fiction: Marcher Lord Press signs author for Twitter novel

COLORADO SPRINGS—Marcher Lord Press, award-winning publisher of Christian speculative fiction, is embarking on a new kind of publishing venture.

Publisher and founder Jeff Gerke announced that he has signed writer Adam Palmer of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to compose his science fiction novel Space Available on Twitter, beginning January 1, 2011, and continuing throughout the year.

“Adam will be writing a novel entirely through Twitter tweets,” Gerke said. “Readers will be able to follow the novel on Twitter or in compiled form on the MLP website. And upon completion, MLP will release the novel in book form.”

Palmer’s Twitter feed is, and he has already set up rules for this unique work-in-progress. For one thing, he will write using only Twitter.

“Writing it beforehand in Microsoft Word or any other program and then copying and pasting it into Twitter is cheating and counter to the whole experiment,” Palmer said. “I’m not using Twitter to transmit my novel; I’m using it to create it.”

Palmer also said he will keep the book in the first person, and that “I’m going to attempt to incorporate the methodology of Twitter into the story.” He will continue to post blog entries about the project at, but his Twitter feed will be reserved exclusively for the book.

Gerke had had the idea for Space Available for awhile. “Every time I saw a ‘Space Available’ or ‘Space for Sale’ sign as I drove through town, I’d think how cool it would be to have a series of comedy science fiction novels about someone who comes up with a scam to sell parcels of outer space.”

He’d thought about writing it himself, and had even pitched the novel to Palmer at one point. But it wasn’t until Palmer came up with the idea of doing it on Twitter that the project took off.

Christian novelist and humorist Brad Whittington admits to a fascination with Palmer’s concept. But he’s not sure it will work.

“In my humble (but completely accurate and independently verified) opinion, Adam is stark-raving mad,” Whittington said.

“For me, the thought of putting my first draft out there for public consumption is mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly, spirit-suckingly horrific,” he said. “I’d rather pose nekkid for Field & Stream.”

According to Gerke, plans are in the works for a series, potentially including Space for Sale, Space for Rent, Dental Space Available, and more.

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Marcher Lord Press, founded in Colorado Springs by Gerke in 2008, is the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction. Its novels have garnered numerous awards in 2010—Jill Williamson’s By Darkness Hid won the prestigious Christy Award (Speculative Fiction) and Kirk Outerbridge’s Eternity Falls received the Carol Award from the American Christian Fiction Writers.