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» Posted on Aug 28, 2010 in Blog | 4 comments

I got this information from a friend and I wanted to pass it on:

ATTENTION…Facebook launched Facebook Places yesterday. Anyone can find out where you are when you are logged in. It gives the actual address & map location of where you are as you use Facebook. Make sure your kids know. TO UNDO: go to”Account”, “Account Settings”, “Notifications”, then scroll down to “Places” and uncheck the 2 boxes. Make sure to SAVE changes.

This new Places application is dug in like a tick! Here’s more things you have to do!

There’s more places you need to change!

Go to the Privacy tab in My Account. Click “Customize Settings”. At the bottom of the first section, UNCHECK the box “Include me in people here now”. Then at the bottom of the next section there’s a selection for “Friends can check me into places”. Disable that setting.

Then there’s one more. Go back to the main Privacy Settings page. At the bottom of that page on the left there’s Applications and Websites in bold. Click the “edit your settings” link. From there, click on the button next to “Info accessible through your friends”. That opens a box with a checklist. UNCHECK “Places I check into”.

It’s not enough to just disable it on Notifications. That doesn’t remove other peoples’ ability to tell where you are. You have to do all of this to turn it off completely They really embedded this feature and made it difficult to turn off. Not a wise move on their parts!


  1. Thank you SOOOO much Margaret!! I just went through all these steps. People: it takes like 5 minutes tops and it's WORTH it!

    I saw the example and it's literally as if someone MapQuested my whereabouts to an exact address. I'm sorry but that's just creepy….not a fan. Sorry Facebook, but I think this was a stupid, useless change.

    Anyway, thanks so much Margaret! I feel a lot better now, lol!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, Margaret. I'm not a big fan of social networking and have considered canceling my Facebook account. Don't know whether I will or not, but I was able to follow your simple directions and disable that feature.

  3. Thank you Margaret for letting us know how to take care of our Facebook accounts. I see what you mean by it being embedded like a tck.

    Appreciate you looking out for us!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  4. I went through the steps too, and was glad to do it. Sent the information to my list of relatives and friends. My daughter said it makes her angry that people can locate your whereabouts, and she said I don't trust the computer, I don't have much time anyway to be on Facebook. Would rather talk one on one then to a whole crowd anyway. She deactivated her whole account, and I am considering it too. I mainly get on the author's blog sites, though I send their information to my facebook for others to see, and have a lot of photos on there. We need to protect ourselves for sure. Trusting Him to guide my further decisions.

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