Catzilla at Christmas

» Posted on Dec 12, 2009 in Blog | 4 comments

The above picture is of my Christmas village with one of my cats in the middle of it. Peppers like to walk through the “town” which reminds of the movie Godzilla. I’ve given her the nickname Catzilla. Those poor villagers don’t know what’s happening to them when she moves through the town.

My son and his family came to dinner last Sunday night. I had so much fun with my four granddaughters (ages 8 months to 9 years). What was great was seeing them play with the Christmas village I’ve had for years. My oldest granddaughter wanted to see how many cars I had so she lined them up on the floor to count. Well, my 2 year old had to help her. She counted to five then had to turn it over to her big sis. (Big sis has been teaching her to count.) I loved listening to them pretend with the people. And of course, they had to rearrange them. Another neat activity we did that evening was to decorate the grandchildren’s Christmas tree we have for them (smaller one with their special ornaments). These are Christmas memories I will remember for years. What are some Christmas memories you have?


  1. sounds like y'all had a very good time!

  2. I love for my grandkids to come also but now we are into the great-grands, 4 g-granddaughter all 2 and under, 2 are newborns.

    Merry Christmas and may God bless


  3. Precious kitty (Catzilla!!). Sounds like a wonderful time with your grandkids! Hugs, Patti Jo

  4. That is so funny! Thanks for sharing.
    Deborah M.

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