Hero Interview for Danger at the Door

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This week I’m hosting Susan Page Davis with Hearts in the Crosshairs and Michelle Sutton with Danger at the Door. If you want to enter the drawing for the book, please leave a comment on one of the post during the week with your email address. I will not enter you without an email address (my way to contact you if you win). If you don’t want to leave an email address, another way you can enter is to email me at margaretdaley@gmail.com. The drawings end Sunday (Oct. 25th) evening.

Interview with the hero for Danger at the Door by Michelle Sutton:

1. Bojan, tell me the most interesting thing about you.
My apology if hard understand English I speak. I take lessons for speaking good, but have much to learn. Many people say stuff interesting about me. I do not see myself as interesting. In home country I am just man like other people. But Americans say people with accent and not good English skills interest them. I do not understand this. I know people think how I own restaurant and drive yellow Hummer make me interesting. I do not agree with money making person better than people without many things. God has chosen for blessing, but money does not make person special. Is faith in Christ who makes me…how you say… unique? Belief in Christ make for interesting person.

2. What do you do for fun?
Is okay to say kissing Laney fun on Christian interview blog? We do not dishonor God until we marry, but most fun thing for me is being with special woman. Laney most beautiful woman and God gave her for me as special gift.

3. What do you put off doing because you dread it?
I must leave Laney for to see family. Is important family problem but we must also celebrate. I long for see my sister who was lost but has returned home. I do how you say…dread…to leave Laney for many weeks. I must also tell sister about Christ but she suffered so much I dread how she feel about faith in Christ. I love sister very much and long for her to know Christ so God can heal her heart.

4. What are you afraid of most in life?
My strav…my fear is for my parents reject Christ and gift of salvation. Is no problem for accept Christ into heart for me, but for family religion is very strong and faith not same for me and for my family. I not want for parents reject gift of life eternal.

5. What do you want out of life?
I long for and want Laney understand my love for her heart and for soul. I wish for Laney much peace and happiness. I want for marry Laney and have many children and much love to share. God gives me love for Laney and I cannot live with joy in heart if she does not share life with me.

6. What is the most important thing to you?
Most important thing is faith in Christ. Many people do not know this. God gives me love for people who need message of life eternal.

7. Do you read books? Is not many good books in my native language. I must begin with basic reading of English first. If so, what is your favorite type of book? I read books in college for classes. Favorite book is story about heroes and good guys win.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Is problem for speaking. I must learn for speak English. If can speak better this would make for much happiness for me.

9. Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet?
Yes. Have very good pet. Pet is Chihuahua and name is Dude. He loves Baby very much. Baby is dog for Laney. Dude is not big in size but is much scary when barks for stranger. Dude is good for protect stuff and people.

10. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?
If could travel in time then want for to visit people in time of Bible. Paul travel for Macedonia in New Testament scripture and would very much like for meet Paul and speak to apostles from early days in my country. I must thank very much for interview. Was pleasure to meet.