Deadlines! Eek!

» Posted on May 9, 2009 in Blog | Comments Off on Deadlines! Eek!

This past month I’ve had a lot of deadlines–some I knew about for months and a few others that popped up. I felt overwhelmed and swamped. I know that is redundant, but you get the picture–busy, busy. As I was thinking about those deadlines, I came to hate the word, deadline. It isn’t a word that allows you to think peaceful thoughts. Dead–nothing peaceful about that. I think or corpses–remember I’m a romantic suspense writer. Even line is so definite–linear, no give or take there.

So my question to you is what would be a better word for a deadline. How about Next Day Celebration? Or Goal Achieving Line–oh, wait, I’ve got that word line again. Now you see why I need your help. What’s a better term for what we refer to as the dreaded deadline? Tell you a secret. I never did like them in school either.