Daniel’s Den by Brandt Dodson

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I don’t get a chance to read as much as I want but occasionally I do and my most recent book I read was Daniel’s Den by Brandt Dodson. He is coming to speak at a mini-conference for WIN-ACFW in Tulsa June 25th and 26th. Rene Gutteridge is the other speaker at this conference and both are excellent teachers. If you are interested in attending ($40 for ACFW members which includes lunch and $50 for others), go to WIN-ACFW‘s web site and check the conference out.

Daniel’s Den (Brandt’s most recent book):

I enjoyed this look into the world of finances. The main characters were people you want to root for and hope they triumph in the end. Daniel Borden is caught up in a situation that tears apart his comfortable world and forces him to run for his life. Laura Traynor discovers what happens when evil comes to her front door. These two pair up to solve a mystery that their lives hang on. Daniel’s Den is fast paced, well-researched with interesting characters that keep you turning the pages.


  1. I also enjoyed this book very much!

  2. Hi Brenda!
    I was wondering if you had an email that fans could email you at? I have looked at your website a few times now, with no prevail. I also read in your “newsletter” about how if you sign your guestbook, you are entered into your contest. However, I find no guestbook. I am confused now, so if you have any answers I’d love it. I would really like to email you some praise of your work and I have a question for you too. However, if you do not give out an email, I will have to figure something else out!

  3. I wanted to know where do you find the winners of your book give-a-ways. when I look at your web site all I see is one from Jan. I guess I am overlooking them, me email if you can and let me know.

  4. Hannah, you can reach me at margaretdaley@gmail.com. Go toward the bottom of the main page and there is a link to where you can sign my guest book. When you do, you are entered in that month’s drawing for one of my books.

    Take care,

  5. I, too thought this was a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing. Blessings,

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