Lynette Sowell’s heroine’s interview

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This week I’m hosting Lynette Sowell with The Wiles of Watermelon and Linore Rose Burkard with Before the Season Ends. If you want to enter the drawings for either or both of these books, please leave a comment on one of the post during the week with your email address. I will not enter you without an email address (my way to contact you if you win). If you don’t want to leave an email address, another way you can enter is to email me at and let me know which books. The drawings end Sunday (April 26th) evening.

Heroine interview from The Wiles of Watermelon:

1. Andi, tell me the most interesting thing about you.
I love concocting soap recipes for my store and I’m really good at making soap, but I’m a horrible cook. You’d think someone who could follow a soap recipe could make a decent casserole. Nope. I’m hopeless in that area, and generations of my Tennessee ancestors are spinning in their graves at my admission.

2. What do you do for fun?
I love spending time with my family and friends. Momma always makes a huge Sunday dinner, and most Sundays my husband Ben and I make a trip to their place after church. My sister Diana, her husband, and two boys liven things up.

3. What do you put off doing because you dread it?
Oh, balancing the books for my soap store, Tennessee River Soaps. Diana set up a program for me on the store’s computer, but truthfully, I’d rather be helping customers or working on new soap fragrances in my workroom.

4. What are you afraid of most in life?
That somehow I missed God’s plan. I get so gung-ho on ideas sometimes I don’t stop to think if it’s something I should really be doing.

5. What do you want out of life?
Right now, I’d like to see my husband more. We spent the first year of our marriage working on our house, and now that it’s finished, he’s still really busy working at Honey’s Place, the best local restaurant in Greenburg, Tennessee. I’d love some peace and quiet and a slower pace for both of us.

6. What is the most important thing to you?
Definitely, my family. You can lose a lot of things in this life—jobs, money, things—but you can’t replace people.

7. Do you read? If so, what is your favorite type of book to read?
Yes, I do read, but I don’t have a lot of time since I run my own business. I love a good suspense novel, though, when I can squeeze a few minutes into my schedule.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I tend to over-think things too much! I’d like to make a decision, and stick to it.

9. Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet?
I have an adorable kitten that I named Spot. I didn’t pick her. Ben, my husband, brought her home for me one day. I’ve never had a cat before and I’m still getting used to her. We always had dogs when I was growing up.

10. If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?
I’d love to go back thirty years ago, and tell my Aunt Jewel not to run away. It’s cast a shadow over our family that has never disappeared, especially since no one’s ever heard from here.