Games we play

» Posted on Apr 25, 2009 in Blog | Comments Off on Games we play

So what does the game Scrabble have with romance? For my husband and me a lot. We love to play this game and often do on the weekend, but we aren’t competitors. We are a team playing against the computer. I have laughed so much during these times we play Scrabble. It has been a great time for bonding.

I’m usually quick to put something up while my husband loves to take his time and try to use all the tiles even when we have letters like five or six vowels or q, v, f and b together. There’s probably a word out there that has q, v, f and b, but I could think forever and never come up with it. I’ve threatened to use the speed version on my computer.

What kind of games do you play with your husband or significant other? Are you a team or competing against each other?