DiAnn Mills’ Breach of Trust

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Breach of Trust
By DiAnn Mills

I really enjoyed reading this romantic suspense. You get pulled into Paige Rogers’ world in a small town in Oklahoma. She’s the local librarian who can handle whatever is thrown at her because she was a CIA operative who “died” in Africa on a mission.

Split Creek, Oklahoma is a quiet small town, not anything like what Paige was used to, but surprisingly she settled into her life, enjoying her job as the town librarian. But some of the people of the town aren’t who they seem to be. Someone is watching her for Daniel Keary, the shoo-in as the governor of Oklahoma and the man who wants her out of the way because she knows the type of man Keary really is.

DiAnn Mills has put together a story of opposites—a quiet life versus a life and death situation, a local high school football coach versus a high powered lawyer and the next governor of Oklahoma, lies and secrets versus honesty. She has woven together a story with intriguing characters who are thrust into fighting for their way of life and in the end their very lives.