This week Audrey Chadwick and Rhonda Gibson

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The Glock and the Bible
Congratulations, Pam, you are the winner of Maureen Lang’s My Sister Dilly.

This week I’m hosting Audrey Chadwick and Rhonda Gibson. Each one will give a book away in a drawing. Audrey’s will be a ebook download, called The Glock and the Bible.
You are in for a treat with this book. It’s a fun, suspenseful adventure. Also Rhonda is giving away A Connecticut Christmas, a wonderful holiday read. If you want to be
entered in the drawings for both or either book, leave a comment and let me know. I will need your email included to know how to get hold of you if you win or you can email me at The drawings end Sunday night.

Audrey Chadwick’s bio:

Audrey Chadwick received a language arts degree from Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio, and a business degree from Oklahoma State University. It was during those wonderful years shortly after finding love and marriage, when her children were young, that she began writing fiction.

Since then, she has been one of the top three finalists in the Dell Diamond Debut contest, a finalist in the Central Florida Romance Writers Touch of Magic contest, first runner-up in the Daphne du Maurier and Indiana’s Golden Opportunity contests, and first place in the Where the Magic Begins contest hosted by Romance Writers Ink.

She published three books under another name with Dorchester Publishing.
Two years ago, an idea for an inspirational romantic suspense popped into her head and wouldn’t leave her alone. It was God’s calling, and now she’s dedicating herself to writing Christian romances.

She lives with her husband and children in Oklahoma and is currently working on her next inspirational romantic suspense. When and her husband are involved with a ministry in Costa Rica along with her sister and family.

The Glock and the Bible’s blurb:

Pastor Dayle Canaday’s desire to help a church member makes her a terrorists’ target. But just when she’s thrown into the thick of things, it seems God sends a heart-bruised Government agent as protection. Even with Kel’s tarnished honor, Dayle sees the good in him. But when everything is at stake, can he accept God as his savior? For that is the only way he’ll find peace and a place for Dayle in his heart.

Connecticut Christmas
Rhonda Gibson’s bio:

Rhonda Gibson lives in New Mexico with her husband James. She has two children and one beautiful grandchild. Reading is something she has enjoyed her whole life and writing stemmed from that love. When she isn’t writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, card making and playing with her dog, Sheba. She speaks at conferences and local writing groups. You can visit her at where she enjoys chatting with readers and friends online. Rhonda hopes her writing will entertain, encourage and bring others closer to God.

Blurb of Rhonda’s story in A Connecticut Christmas:

As if just thinking about him brought him to life. Morgan stepped around the corner and asked. “What kind of cat do you have? I saw a sweater back there that says Merry Christmas. The sales gal says if you have a mild cat it would make the perfect Christmas gift.”

The twinkle was back in his eyes. Whatever had bothered him earlier seemed to have vanished like the scent of evergreen after Christmas morning. “Chrisy is not a sweater wearing type of cat.” She could just picture her feline ripping anyone who tried to put a sweater on her to shreds. Not a pretty picture.

“Not laid back enough, huh?” He picked up a mouse with a long tail.

“Afraid not. She’s more of the ‘I’m the queen, not now’ type cat.” Sheila put the peacock feather away. “She’s really not very playful at all.”

Morgan came closer to her and grinned. He stood so close she could smell the earthy scent of his cologne. “What about you? Are you the playful type?”

“I think so. Why?”

A smile touched his lips and he pointed up.

A sprig of mistletoe hung over her head. “Trapped by mistletoe, what’s a girl to do but pucker up?”