Lyn Cote and Michelle Griep this week

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Her Captain's Heart

Congratulations to Teresa for winning Cozy in Kansas by Nancy Mehl and Carolyn for winning Reunion by Staci Stallings.

This week I am hosting Lyn Cote and Michelle Griep. This is historical romance week with Her Captain’s Heart by Lyn Cote and Gallimore by Michelle Griep. If you want to win their book in a drawing, please leave a comment with your email address (this is necessary for me to contact you if you win) or email me at The drawing ends Sunday evening.

Lyn Cote’s bio:

RITA finalist, Lyn Cote loves to write inspirational romance, romantic suspense, historical romances and historical sagas. Her brand is “Strong Women, Brave Stories” and her stories always include strong women, a multi-cultural cast of characters and authentic history. Lyn was raised in IL, raised her children in IA and now lives in the northwoods of Wisconsin on a lake in a pine forest. She loves watermelon, Wheel of
Fortune, Paula Deen’s shows, and cats. And dogs too. Lyn worked her way through college as a beautician, then taught school for nearly a decade and then became a full time mom. Now with an empty nest, she and her husband are starting to travel as a twosome and enjoy it just being the two of them.

Her Captain’s Heart’s blurb:
Nothing is impossible—as far as idealistic schoolteacher Verity Hardy is concerned. The lovely widow is certain teaching freed slaves in a Virginia town torn apart by the Civil War will help heal bitterness and old wounds. But she’s finding that the school’s cynical builder, Matthew Ritter, has little reason to have faith in her—or anything else.

An ex-Union captain, Matt has seen more than his share of destruction. And the threats he’s getting about the school are almost enough to make him give up. But Verity’s spirit and courage inspire him to fight once again for what he believes in—and to show her they can reach their dreams together….

Michelle Griep’s bio:
Minnesota author, Michelle Griep, has been writing since she first discovered Crayolas and blank wall space. She has homeschooled four children over the past twenty years, and teaches both Civics and Creative Writing for area co-ops. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers. Michelle’s debut historical romance, GALLIMORE, is scheduled for release December 15, 2008.

At the moment there is no listing on or Barnes and Noble, so link to Black Lyon Publishing or .

Gallimore’s blurb:
Jessica Neale’s faith is lost the day of her husband’s death, and with it, her belief in love. In a journey to find peace, she encounters a gentle, green-eyed stranger who leads her to the ruins of the medieval castle, Gallimore.

On his way to battle, Colwyn Haukswyrth, knight of Gallimore, comes face to face with a storm the likes of which he’s never seen, and a woman in the midst of it who claims to live centuries in the future. The Lady Jessica of Neale is an irksome, provoking bit of woman to be sure. And she’s about to turn his beliefs on end.

The product of a family rooted in pain and evil, Colwyn has focused on naught but himself—until Jessica. To a mysterious prophecy stitched on a tapestry, through the invasion of Gallimore itself, Colwyn and Jessica are bound together by a lesson in forgiveness and love—a bond that might be strong enough to survive the grave.