What I am thankful for?

» Posted on Nov 29, 2008 in Blog | 4 comments

I spent some time on Thanksgiving thinking about what I was thankful for, especially this year. I’m thankful mostly because my walk with the Lord has deepened this year which has made me look at things differently. I’m also thankful for my family and friends. Today I’m going to spend some time with my three granddaughters (and the rest of the family, too), decorating our Christmas tree. It should be interesting since one of my granddaughters is 17 months old. I’m also going with a good friend to lunch and a movie, Australia. Now if I could write about 2000 words that would be considered a perfect day to me. I’m thankful I’ve finally realized I’m finished with teaching as a job. I’ve done two long term sub jobs since I retired last January and I know that I truly walked away from teaching when I retired. I want to commit myself to writing full-time. My focus in my life is changing and I’m excited to see where it leads me. I’m also thankful to have a wonderful husband who understands me and is my best friend. I have to say I’m not so thankful for having a third cat–an abandoned kitten. She has managed to shred my furniture and destroy a few other objects. Okay, I love animals and I know she will settle down over time, but it’s been a long time since I had such a young animal. I think the Lord is trying to teach me patience. Now if I could just keep Ringo, my twenty pound male cat, from teaching her all his bad habits, that would be an accomplishment!

What are you thankful for?


  1. “Life!” The good, the bad and the ugly! I enjoyed reading your post.
    Thanks for sharing…..Cindi

  2. I’m thankful for my friends and family.

    I’ll miss our 1st hour chats, but I’m looking forward to reading the fruits of your labors!!!

  3. Hey Margaret! Okay, I’m slightly behind reading your blog (it’s now Dec.3, LOL!) but I enjoyed your post. How wonderful you have a peace about not teaching anymore, and writing full-time. ~ Congrats on the new kitten (you can never have too many cats, no matter what anyone says!). I’ve heard that citrus spray helps keep them away from the furniture(?)…might be worth a try. Hugs, Patti Jo 🙂

  4. I am thankful that Jesus died of me and because of that amazing act, the Lord can forgive me my sins when I repent.

    Gayla Collins

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