My office

» Posted on Nov 22, 2008 in Blog | Comments Off on My office

Someone asked me to take a picture of my office for an interview I was doing for them. Now that I’m home writing full-time, I spend most of my days in my office. I have hot pink walls with white accents. I have a desk, file cabinet and 5 big bookcases (overflowing with books). I also have a couch and a coffee table that looks like two huge books. My husband years ago when I started out selling framed each of my books and they are up on the walls around my office. In the warm weather when I’m working (my desk is next to a large window), I can look out on a garden we put in a few years ago in the front yard. We have a butterfly bush that attracts so many butterflies (and hummingbirds). It’s so neat watching them.

The first picture is my desk with Flo sitting in my chair. Flo is a huge flamingo given to me by Cheryl Wyatt. Thank you again, Cheryl. My granddaughters love playing with her. But at the moment she is thinking about writing a book.

The second picture is a tree I leave up all year with my flamingo ornaments on it. There are a few others besides the flamingo ones that have special meaning to me. My lights on the tree are palm trees or flamingos.