Megan DiMaria’s interview

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Megan DiMaria
1. What made you start writing? Since I was in elementary school, I’ve delighted in stringing words and sentences together to create scenes. I think it’s just my natural inclination that made me start writing.

2. How long have you been writing? When did you sell your first book? I’ve been writing novels since the mid 1990s and received my first contract in early 2007.
3. How do you handle rejections? Like everyone else, I’m not crazy about rejections, but I’ve been able to shrug and move on.

4. Why do you write? I write so that women will know when your life veers off track or something unexpected happens, it’s not the end of the world. We all struggle and go through valleys, but with the help of God we manage to get through difficulties.

5. What would you be doing with your free time if you weren’t writing? Oh, that’s easy—I’d be reading!

6. What are you working on right now? I’m writing a story about a woman who is driving toward empty-nest nirvana, but she’s having a hard time realizing that dream.

7. Do you put yourself into your books/characters? No, not really. My sense of humor is apparent, but the characters are fictional.

8. Tell us about the book you have out right now. Have you ever heard the expression, “When our children are little they’re on our feet and when they’re big they’re on our hearts?” That’s how my character feels Out of Her Hands. Linda learns how to deal with unpleasant choices made by adult children, she helps her father-in-law mourn the loss of his wife, and has to contend with the fact that her best friend is moving across the country.

9. Do you have any advice for other writers? I think it’s important to accept that becoming a published author is a process. Read books on craft, attend conferences, and write and submit. Give yourself time to learn how to do it.

10. How important is faith in your books? Faith is central in my books. My characters filter their experiences and reactions through the filter of their faith.

11. What themes do you like to write about? A recurring theme seems to be letting go of unrealistic dreams and loving your reality. Life is what it is, and you make it good by enjoying the loved ones surrounding you.

12. What is your favorite book you’ve written and why? At the time my favorite book is the one I’m writing now. I feel that way about every book as I write it because that’s what I’m invested in the present time.

13. What is your writing schedule like? I’m still trying to nail down a good daily schedule for me. I try to write daily and my minimum goal is about 1,000 words a day.

Thanks for hosting me, Margaret. I appreciate the opportunity to have book lovers get to know me better.