My Journey

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Purpose Driven Life

I have just begun reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I’m on day 20 of a 40 day program. I have had this book for some time. Every once and a while I would look at it, but decide to wait to start it. Doesn’t that scream of a person who needs a purpose? I’ve always had a purpose in my life, but was it God’s purpose?

I retired at the beginning of the year from teaching (one of my jobs since I’m still writing). I think this is a great time to figure out what is my purpose of being here. I don’t think you are too old or young to take a good hard look at your life and figure that out-hence my starting the program now.

Day One-It starts with the Lord.
Day Two-God is love and created us because of that love.
Day Three-People are driven by things like guilt, anger, fear and the need for approval and/or material items.
Day Four-Life on Earth is a dress rehearsal for life in eternity. It’s time to work out the kinks.
Day Five–Life is a journey with tests along the way. How do you score?
Day Six-Life here is fleeting but life in heaven is forever. The Lord me Earth for a brief time.
Day Seven-God created EVERYTHING! The world shows God’s glory! Just take a look around at the beauty in your surroundings.
Day Eight-You are important because God created you. Isn’t this such a powerful statement!!
Day Nine-God smiles when you love him, obey him, trust him, thank him, and use your talents.
Day Ten-To worship God we need to trust him and surrender to his will.
Day Eleven-Communication with God is important.
Day Twelve-God is your best friend–cherish that friendship and nourish it.
Day Thirteen-You should come to God wholeheartedly.
Day Fourteen-God is ALWAYS there, even when he is silent. He will never abandon you.
Day Fifteen-You are part of God’s family.
Day Sixteen-Love is what life is about–it is what makes everything worthwhile.
Day Seventeen-God created us to belong together as a community.
Day Eighteen-We need to share our lives in fellowship with others. We are social beings.
Day Nineteen-To truly be a part of a community, you must really commit to it.
Day Twenty-It takes effort to maintain relationships, but it is worth it.

Wow!! What powerful and humbling statements! I read a quote in the text from Dr. Michael Denton, a scientist, that concluded, “All the evidence available in the biological sciences supports the core proposition?that the cosmos is a specially designed whole with life and mankind as its fundamental goal and purpose, a whole in which all facets of reality have their meaning and explanation in this central fact.” Ever since I went to college and took two extensive science courses my freshman year, I have strongly felt that the sciences support the exist of God, not the other way around. How can all of this be random?

Anyway, has anyone else gone through The Purpose Drive Life journey? How did you feel about it? I’m eagerly waiting for Day Twenty-One.